How Difficult a Job Is a Kitchen Remodel?

October 14th, 2014 by Gary Bell

Although “do-it-yourself” projects around the home can be an enjoyable hobbyist activity for tackling smaller repair tasks, or for temporary holiday decorating (such as setting up a “Haunted House” for Halloween), you should never undertake a major kitchen remodeling as a solo task. Unless you are a professionally trained building contractor, the amount of work and time involved in a kitchen remodel is simply too enormous for you to handle on your own.

When you contact Bell Home Solutions for kitchen remodeling work, you will receive the complete package: remodelers who handle everything from the initial design concepts, through the plumbing and electrical installation, to laying down new countertops. Whatever type of kitchen remodel you want done, you can trust to our skilled team. We have handled many kitchen remodels in Wheat Ridge, CO and the surrounding areas.

The extent of kitchen remodeling

A kitchen remodel can be limited to putting in new cabinets, installing replacement fixtures, and repiping the plumbing; or it can encompass every aspect of the room. But no matter the size of the project, kitchen remodeling is a major job that requires skilled professionals.

Take the plumbing, for example. This is the essential element of a kitchen: without water flowing in and out of it, the room serves no purpose. The amount of water that a kitchen uses on a daily basis is immense, and the various appliances hooked to the water supply are also complicated. Only licensed plumbers with years of training can handle the plumbing work necessary for even a small kitchen remodeling job.

When it comes to design, even the act of laying down the countertops is a major event. At Bell Home Solutions, we only allow the actual fabricators of the countertop and glass material to install their products to make sure they do not sustain any damage. This is not an area for amateur “trial-and-error”!

Perhaps the most difficult part of kitchen remodeling is getting all the segments to work together effectively: plumbing, electricity, design. Mistakes in remodeling can means years of leaky pipes, malfunctioning fixtures, and emergency repairs. It can also mean an unpleasant-looking final product. You should only trust work that requires this much coordination and skill to a contractor with a wide breadth of experience in multiple fields.

Kitchen remodels in Wheat Ridge, CO (or anywhere else) are difficult—but they don’t have to be difficult for you.

When you contact Bell Home Solutions for your kitchen remodel, you will have one of the most experienced remodeling teams available handling each step of the process. Call us today!

Questions You Should Ask a Remodeling Contractor

October 13th, 2014 by Gary Bell

Choosing to remodel your home’s kitchen or one of the bathrooms is a major decision, and you want to make sure that you have the right contractor on the job. Once you have selected a remodeling company, you should also know the right questions to ask to make sure that you will end up with the results that you want. It is vital to maintain good communication with your contractors—although a quality contractor will make this job much easier.

Here are some questions you should ask a remodeling contractor to help with the process and to make sure that you receive the quality work you expect. Bell Home Solutions can start answering your questions about remodels in Morrison, CO and the surrounding areas right now: call our office and speak to our remodeling professionals, or pay a visit to our enormous showroom.

Questions for a remodeling contractor

  • What is your business history? This is one of the essential questions to ask a contractor before choosing to hire the company. You want a company that has experience, as well as a verifiable history. The contractor will tell you about the various fields the company has worked in and what sort of experience the team will bring to any project.
  • How will you prevent damage to the property? A skilled contractor will make special efforts to prevent the remodeling work from damaging other parts of the house, such as your furniture, delicate decor items, rugs, etc. The contractor will lay out for you all the precautions the team will take, such as dust containment and area cordoning, to put your mind at ease.
  • What is the schedule for work completion? It’s best not to ask “How long will this take?” since the answer won’t necessarily give you the information you actually need. What you want to know are the stages of work and how the contractor plans the progress toward the final product. The contractor will provide you with a detailed schedule so there will be no confusion, and will update you if there are changes because of unforeseen events, delays in orders arriving, etc.
  • Who will be in the house every day? This question will let you know what kind of team the contractor will use to take handle the project. You will learn who is responsible for locking up every day, and who on the team works directly for the contractor. This will also help you know who you should contact on a daily basis.

Bell Home Solutions has five decades of experience with home remodeling projects, and we have worked out a detailed system for all our remodels that makes sure the customer is kept constantly in the loop. We will answer all your questions and see that you are always informed of the work we are doing.

Contact us today for any remodels in Morrison, CO areas that you may wish to start on. We offer a free initial design consultation.

Some Common Causes of Drain Clogs in Bathrooms

October 7th, 2014 by Gary Bell

Clogs in any sink in the house are one of the most common and aggravating of residential plumbing issues. Fortunately, a simple sink plunger will eliminate most of the basic types of clogs and restore the flow of water. But sometimes clogs will develop inside sinks—particularly the ones in bathrooms and the kitchen—that won’t respond to the action of a plunger. These call for the assistance of a professional plumber. (Do not use chemical drain cleaners; the acid in them can severely damage the pipes, and they are also highly toxic.)

Below are some of the common reasons that bathrooms drains—sinks, showers, bathtubs—become clogged. To call for the drain cleaning in Parker, CO and the surrounding areas that will safely and thoroughly eliminate such clogs, look to the many years of experience at Bell Home Solutions.

3 common reasons for bathroom sink clogs

  • Hair: It is hard to avoid hair going down the drains in sinks and showers, although you can help reduce this using a drain cover. Hair will easily catch down in the sludge that often coats the sides of the drain pipe, especially in the p-trap (the u-shaped curved section of pipe directly under a sink), and soon this accumulation will turn into a thick snarl that will block the drain entirely—and won’t respond to a plunger. Professional plumbers will use motorized drain snakes to take care of these types of clogs.
  • Soap scum: Soap is another item that is difficult to prevent from entering a bathroom drain. Soap leaves a residue—soap scum—along the interior of pipes over time. Soap scum poses a double threat to your plumbing: it can accrue to the point of causing a slow or blocked drain, and it can create an acidic chemical that will damage the pipes. Plumbers will use hydro-jetters that blast high-pressure water along the interior of the pipes to eliminate soap scum thoroughly.
  • Small objects: Bathroom sinks and the ledges of showers and bathtubs often hold numerous small objects that can easily topple over and become lodged inside a drainpipe. The caps from bottles are one of the most frequent offenders. Tissue and other paper can also go down the sink and lead to blockages. Sometime you might even lose a valuable item down the drain. In all cases, call on a plumber to unclog the drain (and retrieve the object, if necessary), which will sometimes involve unscrewing the pipes.

Preventive drain cleaning using hydro-jetters will give you “like-new” drainpipes and fewer hassles from slow drains and clogs in the future.

If clogs have become a frequent occurrence in your bathroom plumbing, schedule a complete drain cleaning in Parker, CO from the professionals at Bell Home Solutions.

Should I Upgrade My Plumbing During Bathroom Remodeling?

October 6th, 2014 by Gary Bell

Remodeling a bathroom is one the best ways to enhance your daily life without going through a massive remodeling job on other parts of the home. The bathroom is the first room you usually visit during the morning, and the last place you visit before going to bed. Enhancing a drab bathroom with a professional remodeling job will enliven your day and also make the bathroom more efficient and easier to use.

Part of increasing the efficiency of a bathroom during a remodeling is upgrading the plumbing. Since the bathroom piping remains hidden for the most part, it is not often something that people connect with the attractive surface redesigns of remodeling. However, replacing older plumbing is one of the important tasks that you may wish to schedule during a bathroom remodel.

When you call on Bell Home Solutions for bathroom remodels in Englewood, CO, you will have comprehensive remodeling services to take care of everything from the finishing on the new sink tops to the connectors in the plumbing. Contact us today or come by and visit our showroom.

Why you may wish to upgrade the plumbing during a bathroom remodel

There are two primary reasons to have the plumbing of a bathroom upgraded during remodeling:

  • One: You have an older home that has plumbing made from outdated material, such as galvanized steel or iron. These materials are prone to corrode and rust over time, leading to water contamination and leaking. Because remodeling exposes the pipes in a bathroom, it is an opportune time to have the older plumbing removed and replaced with newer material, such as copper and plastic. Having the pipes replaced at another time will mean serious disruption to the bathroom, so take advantage of the opportunity offered during remodeling.
  • Two: Upgrading the plumbing permits you more options during remodeling. If the plumbers are free to redesign the existing piping, they have more choices for how to design the new bathroom. Sinks can be put in different locations, cabinet layout is more fluid, and the upgraded pipes will be better equipped to handle new luxury fixtures like showers and bathtubs. You will have an easier time achieving the new bathroom you want if the plumbing is made part of the redesign.

Of course, you won’t have to worry about the logistics of a plumbing upgrade during a remodel if you have talented and skilled craftspeople like those at Bell Home Solutions handling the job. We have worked on plumbing since the 1920s, and remodeling since the 1950s, so we can go above and beyond your expectations when it comes to bathroom remodels in Englewood, CO.

The Bell Home Solutions team can take care of whatever you need in order to achieve the best bathroom remodel possible. Contact us today!

Denver Drain Cleaning Tip: Ways to Prevent Clogged Drains

September 30th, 2014 by Gary Bell

The most persistent and annoying of home plumbing problems is the slow or clogged drain. Homeowners often assume that clogs are simply a part of life, and they must deal with them a few times a year no matter what. Sometimes a basic sink plunger will clear the clog, other times the homeowner must summon a licensed plumber to handle it. Whatever the solution, the problem itself seems impossible to avoid.

However—although no one can ever guarantee a 100% clog-free drain—there are ways you can significantly reduce drain clogs throughout your kitchen and bathroom and face fewer hassles. Below are some tips to help avoid these annoyances and cut down on the number of calls you make to clear up blocked drainpipes. Whenever you need professional assistance, trust to Bell Home Solutions for drain cleaning in Denver and the surrounding areas.

Basic tips for cleaner drains

  • Do not pour liquid FOG down drains: “FOG” in this case stands for fat, oil, and grease. These seem innocuous in their hot liquid form, which is why people often pour them down drains without thinking about it. But when these substances cool down, they turn into solids that are waxy and stick to the lining of drainpipes. It doesn’t take long for the buildup to begin to reduce the volume inside the drainpipe, leading to higher water pressure and eventually thick clogs. To avoid this, pour out all liquid FOG into a separate receptacle and remove it to the standard trash.
  • Never use the garbage disposal for actual garbage: This applies to all drains, but people are more likely to throw inorganic waste into the garbage disposal, falsely thinking that it can safely handle it. Anything that you can’t chew with your teeth shouldn’t go into the disposal. Inorganic material can ruin the components of the disposal, but more damaging is that it can become stuck down in the p-trap of the drainpipe (the curved section under the sink) and create blockage.
  • Use drain covers for bathroom sinks and showers: Hair easily goes down the drains in the bathroom, and this is one of the major sources for clogs. If you keep drain covers on the sink and shower drains, it will reduce the amount of hair that enters the drainpipes and slow down the development of clogs.
  • Schedule regular drain cleaning: Organic deposits such as food and hair, as well as other deposits such as soap scum, will begin to accumulate inside the drains slowly, even with precautions. The best way to have this threat eliminated is to have annual drain cleaning from professionals. Plumbers will use hydro-jetting equipment to clear out the drains with blasts of high-pressure water, restoring the inside of the pipes to like-new condition. You will not only avoid clogs, you’ll have a more efficient drainage system and pipes that will last longer.

For professional drain cleaning in Denver, as well as emergency unclogging whenever you need it, contact the team at Bell Home Solutions.

How to Be Sure You’ve Chosen the Right Contractor for a Remodeling Project

September 29th, 2014 by Gary Bell

When you decide that you want to remodel the kitchen or one of the bathrooms in your home, the most important choice you have to make is selecting the contractor who will undertake the job for you. This is the decision that can make or break a remodeling job, so consider it carefully and don’t simply decide to go for whoever gives you the lowest estimate. Low quality work is never worth it when you have to live with the results for many years afterwards.

Bell Home Solutions has been in business for almost nine decades, and during the last five we have specialized in bathroom and kitchen remodeling.

A few things to look for in a remodeling contractor

There are many qualities that make a remodeling contractor the right one to hire for your project. One of the most important to look for is comprehensive services. It is much easier to work with a single contractor who handles all the remodeling tasks­—from the plumbing to the finishes on the new cabinets—instead of relying on multiple contractors for each phase. This streamlines the process, eliminates communication issues that lead to delays, and helps ensure that you end up with the new kitchen or bathroom you envisioned.

Look for a contractor who is willing to lay out the complete remodeling process for you ahead of time and provides a free estimate before any sort of work proceeds. You deserve to know how long the job will take and what it will cost before you have to make a final decision.

Experience is one of the best markers of a remodeling contractor who can deliver what you want from your project. Experience not only means skill gained from years of work, it also indicates trust from the community and a large pool of loyal customers.

Bell Home Solutions offers comprehensive remodeling services. We started as a plumbing company and later added repair and installation services for electrical and drain and sewer, so we can handle these crucial steps in a remodeling job that usually require separate contractors. But we also take care of the design and construction of your kitchen and bathroom, and we maintain an 8,500-square foot showroom of fixtures and furnishings to let you pick out the look you want for your remodeling. When you come to us for your remodel in Arvada, you are coming to one of the best in the business.

Call us or come into our showroom to ask about what we can do to provide you with the best remodel in Arvada, CO possible.

The Steps of a Major Kitchen Remodel

September 23rd, 2014 by Gary Bell

A Major Kitchen Remodel… Sounds a bit intimidating, doesn’t it? We won’t fib to you: performing a comprehensive kitchen remodel is a significant job that requires a large amount of planning and effort to complete. The good news is that most of the planning and effort falls on the side of the professional remodelers. If you have hired a contractor with experience and who is capable of handling all the various services, you should not encounter any major troubles on the way to realizing your ideal new kitchen.

Hiring Bell Home Solutions for your kitchen remodel in Littleton, CO is the best first step to take. We offer comprehensive remodeling, from the pipes to the cabinets. We will help you design your new space exactly as you want it, and then execute the remodel with skill and the best materials available.

Below is a brief outline of the steps of our remodeling process

  • Our remodelers give you a complimentary one-hour design consultation when you contact them.
  • A remodel administrative assistant schedules a free in-home estimate.
  • During the in-home estimate, an estimator gets an overall sense of your home’s decor, makes initial measurements, talks to you about any specific needs, goes over mechanical issues, presents design ideas, and explains more fully the remodeling process.
  • After any necessary research, the estimator presents you with a budget estimate for the remodeling for your approval.
  • You pick out products you want from our showroom, and we order them. At this point, we provide you with a tentative schedule.
  • We handle acquiring all the necessary permits.
  • When all ordered products arrive, we provide you with a firm schedule for project completion.
  • The week before work starts, you will have a chance to meet with the remodeling team at the jobsite to go over any additional details.
  • The ordered products are sent to your home, and the installation crew lays out the workspaces necessary for the job.
  • The actual work starts with necessary demolition, followed by rough-in and product installation.
  • The last work is finishing, such as cabinets and countertops.
  • When the work is completed, we will give you any necessary training for the new equipment that has been installed.
  • And you’re done! Enjoy your new kitchen!

Throughout the process, Bell Home Solutions will maintain close contact with you and monitor all the work. We will make every effort to protect the rest of your house. Bell employees will handle all of the work (with the exception of the installation of glass and granite, which we allow the fabricators to handle to protect the product).

With the Bell Home Solutions team behind you, you can expect to have an excellent kitchen remodel in Littleton, CO that matches all your expectations.

Remodeling Your Plumbing for Practical Use

September 22nd, 2014 by Gary Bell

The term “remodeling” can cover a number of different services. A comprehensive remodeling job performs a complete top-to-bottom makeover of a room, redesigning it for aesthetic and practical purposes. It covers everything, from the electrical system and the pipes to new wallpaper and lighting fixtures.

However, you can choose to have only the part of a remodeling job done that you need. One of these remodeling services is for the plumbing. Skilled remodelers can change the plumbing for your kitchen or bathrooms to make it more practical.

Bell Home Solutions offers plumbing remodels in Centennial, CO, as well as complete remodeling for kitchens and bathroom that takes care of all the necessary tasks within a single company. We have been in the plumbing business since 1926, so you can trust on our work when it comes to re-doing your home’s plumbing.

Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen contains many plumbing appliances and fixtures; few locations in your home will benefit as much from a practical plumbing remodel as the kitchen. One of the best upgrades on the plumbing for an older kitchen is the addition of a garbage disposal. Other beneficial upgrades include new multi-bowl sinks, additional faucets, and replacement dishwashers. If you live in an older home, your kitchen may still have galvanized steel plumbing, which is prone to corrosion over time.  A whole-kitchen repiping job is an excellent way to keep the plumbing in the best shape and avoid repair problems in the future. If you do plan for a more comprehensive remodeling job, add repiping as part of it, since the pipes will be exposed during the process and make the replacement work easier.

Bathroom Remodeling

The bathrooms in a house use more water than any other room, and in no other place is basic practicality the most crucial concern. Like a kitchen, an older bathroom can benefit from replacing galvanized steel pipes with newer material. Replacing an old toilet for a new low-flow model is an excellent way to save water, and you can also add low flow-faucets and showerheads. A new sink can free up space in the bathroom, or you can use it for additional storage areas. New, easier access bathtubs and showers will add to the practical use of a bathroom.

Speak to plumbing remodeling specialists today

The best way to know what you can do for practical plumbing remodels in Centennial, CO is to consult with professionals. They can suggest changes to increase the practicality of the plumbing in your kitchen or bathroom. Arrange an appointment today, or come visit our showroom.

When you call Bell Home Solutions, you will have an opportunity to speak to experts who have years of experience on plumbing remodeling jobs. Call today!

What Are the Best Rooms in a House to Remodel?

September 17th, 2014 by Gary Bell

When it comes to remodeling parts of your home, you have many options. As you consider what rooms you may wish to remodel, you will balance out design, function, and potential added value to make the choice about where you wish to invest your money.

We can’t provide you with a direct answer to the question, “What rooms should I remodel in my home?” because we don’t know the specifics of your home—at least, not yet. However, we have some general advice on which room remodeling projects can enhance a home significantly, deliver better living and energy savings, and provide a return on the investment should you choose to sell your home later.

A remodel is only as worthwhile as the remodelers who do it, so be sure you hire the comprehensive Parker, CO remodeling team at Bell Home Solutions to handle the job.

Kitchen remodeling

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms for remodeling, and for very good reasons. Kitchens tend to be near the center of a home and are an important place for family life. When a kitchen is upgraded, it is like an upgrade for the whole interior of a home. Kitchens also contain numerous appliances and fixtures, so remodeling one will significantly increase its convenience and make it a more efficient and work-friendly location. With the great variety of countertops and cabinets available for kitchens, they are a fantastic place for homeowners to express their personal sense of style.

Bathroom remodeling

“Bathroom” might not be the first idea off the top of your head with thinking of beautifying your home, but consider that this is likely the room where you start and end your day. It’s a tremendous benefit to your daily life to make this room attractive and easy to use, instead of a drab eyesore where your have fumble around every morning and evening. Like kitchens, bathrooms are a place where you have opportunities to upgrade fixtures and add luxury items (towel warming racks, whirlpool tubs, etc.) that will make life more pleasurable. The amount of water that bathrooms use on a daily basis also makes them effective places for improving water use with low-flow fixtures, and to improve aging plumbing.

Rely on full-service remodelers

Whether you decide on bathroom or kitchen remodeling in Parker, CO, you need to have a contractor who handles the entire process: design, construction, plumbing, electrical, etc. That way you won’t have to worry about miscommunications and delays between different parties; the work will go smoothly and you will end up with the new room you envisioned.

Bell Home Solutions offers complete remodeling services, including a showroom where you can pick the fixtures that match your new design ideas. Come see for yourself.

The Best Methods to Unclog Drains

September 16th, 2014 by Gary Bell

The most ubiquitous of all plumbing problems is the drain clog. Clogs can occur in any sink, shower, or other drain in a house, and range from minor stoppages resulting in slow drainage to major thick obstructions that take special effort to remove and prevent from returning.

You have almost certainly encountered a slow or clogged drain before, and therefore have some idea what to do to eliminate them. The simplest method for drain unclogging is a standard sink plunger. You should keep one of these handy at all times, since they do an excellent job for simple blockages, and don’t harm pipes.

However, the other common way that people use to deal with clogged drains, the store-bought liquid drain cleaners, are one of the worst methods of drain unclogging. These chemicals are highly toxic and the acidic action they use to eat through clogs will also start to eat through pipes. No professional plumber recommends these chemicals as a remedy for drain clogs, nor does the U.S. EPA.

If the sink plunger won’t do the job, call up professionals who will use other methods to clear out your drains. Our plumbers at Bell Home Solutions will unclog your drains in Greenwood Village, CO and other place in the Denver Metro Area using tools that will do the job thoroughly and safely.

The drain snake, also called the drain auger, is a common tool that plumbers always take with them on a call. Drain snakes consist of flexible coils of metal that “snake” down into drainpipes until they contact the clog. A motor then rotates the metal coil so the ends corkscrew down into the clog, and afterwards allows the plumber to drag the stoppage out or use the end of drain snake to break apart the clog and let the fragments wash down the drain.

A more forceful and comprehensive drain cleaning device is the hydro-jetter. This device uses a motor to place a supply of water under high-pressure, and then forces it out through a nozzle inserted down into the drainpipe. The high-pressure jet of water can break through even the most resistant clogs, and the scouring action of the water cleans out deposits along the drainpipe walls, which helps prevent the clogs from returning. Hydro-jetting services are a superb way to provide full cleaning for your drains to keep them clog-free for long periods.

Assisting plumbers on most drain unclogging assignments is video inspection equipment, which sends a miniaturized camera into the drains and returns images from the pipe interior to a monitor. The information from the camera permits plumbers to target specific problems with clogs and how to best deal with them. Video inspection equipment makes the plumber’s task easier and faster.

So the next time you need to unclog drains in Greenwood Village, CO don’t reach for the chemical drain cleaner… reach for the phone and call Bell Home Solutions.