Which Type of New Kitchen Countertop Is the Best?

November 18th, 2014 by Gary Bell

A kitchen remodeling simply doesn’t feel complete unless it includes new countertops. Replacing older counters is a cornerstone of giving a kitchen a completely new look and feel. But countertops are more than decorations. They can also improve the function of your kitchen, making it easier to clean, and even increase its hygiene. Choosing the right new kitchen countertops in Grant Ranch, CO is one of the most important decisions you will make during your remodeling.

You won’t have to make the choice alone, however. Quality remodeling specialists will make the job easier. We have an extensive showroom that will help make the choice even simpler, since you will see exactly what sort of countertop materials we offer and how they look and feel. We have an enormous selection of the top brands in countertop construction and design.

But which type of countertop is the best?

There is no simple answer to this question, because it depends on your situation. We can discuss in some more detail the options you have and their advantages:

If you have a limited budget, you should consider a laminate countertop. These are sometimes referred to as Formica counters, which is one of the most popular brand names. These counters can resemble solid stone, but at a lower cost. They are easy to clean and maintain, and will fit almost any decor plans you have.

For pure attractiveness and beauty, solid granite and natural stone countertop are among the finest options. They come in an enormous variety of finishes, and their durability and stain-resistant qualities makes them especially attractive. If you are aiming for an upscale kitchen remodel that will add maximum value (as well as style) to your home, solid stone is one of the best ways to go.

Tile countertops remain popular, and are easy to have installed and custom designed to fit into any kitchen look. They are a bit harder to clean, although larger tile designs will alleviate this. Tile is a good alternative to laminate countertops if budget is a concern.

For high-use kitchens and people who love to cook, the composite countertop is a fine choice. These counters are popular for commercial kitchens because they resist heat and scratching and also inhibit bacteria. They are also simple to clean. If you are an entertainer when it comes to food preparation, a composite countertop may be ideal for you.

Look to Bell Home Solutions for your kitchen remodeling

If you want the best kitchen remodel possible, make an appointment with Bell Home Solutions. Or pay a visit to our showroom. When it comes to new kitchen countertops in Grant Ranch, CO, we have the wide selection you need. We carry Swanstone, Arizona Tile, Corian, Formica, Hanstone, Cambria, and many other top brands in kitchen countertops.

When you come to Bell Home Solutions for kitchen remodeling services, we will offer you numerous options for new countertops and help you find the right one. 

Will a Bathroom Remodel Add Value to My Home?

November 17th, 2014 by Gary Bell

Homeowners today are interested in return on investment (ROI) when it comes to home remodeling. A professional remodel for your house will improve your homelife, but it will also add market value to the house should you decide to sell it in the future. When deciding on a home remodeling project, return on investment will likely play an important factor in your choices.

Working with an experienced remodeling contractor who can handle all of the aspects of the job is key to receiving the best ROI, as well as to receive the ideal remodel that you envisioned from the start.

Bathroom remodels and added value

The simple answer to the question “Will a bathroom remodel add value to my house?” is yes. How much depends on the extent of the remodeling job—mid-range or upscale—and the talents of your contractor.

According to Remodeling magazine’s recent Cost vs. Value Report for 2014, a mid-range bathroom remodel can recoup 72.5% of its cost in added value for a home. An upscale remodel, which involves extensive new installations and plumbing replacements, can recoup 63.6% of its cost in added value. Both of these numbers show an increase from the 2013 numbers, indicating that bathroom remodels are becoming more attractive for potential home buyers and add greater value to homes than before… and the numbers will likely continue to grow in 2015.

Although the upscale bathroom remodel returns less on investment, keep in mind that it will return more for your family during the time you live in the house. As with any remodeling project, finding the balance of the various factors is key. Locating the right contractor is also key: if you turn to a remodeling contractor who handles all the tasks in-house, from design to plumbing to electricity, you will have a more cost-efficient and fast remodeling done, resulting in even higher return on investment. And when you hire a contractor with years of experience and a proven track record of beautiful remodeling projects, you will end up with the new bathroom that will enhance your life as well as the value of your home.

Bell Home Solutions offers comprehensive remodeling services, starting with a free consultation for your project. For bathroom remodels in Franktown, CO, contact our specialists today or drop by our extensive showroom.

If you are looking for kitchen and bathroom remodels in Franktown, CO or the surrounding areas, look to the years of experience available from Bell Home Solutions.

What to Expect During Professional Drain Cleaning

November 11th, 2014 by Gary Bell

You should make drain cleaning for your plumbing a regular part of home maintenance. Although you will need to call for a professional plumber whenever you encounter serious clogging or issues for slow drains, scheduling drain cleaning as an annual routine will help reduce repair problems, avoid problems from high water pressure, and generally give your plumbing a much longer life.

Bell Home Solutions has handled plumbing since we started in business almost 90 years ago. For drain cleaning in Denver County, we are one of the best choices. Our highly-trained plumbers bring experience and the best technology to any job they do. Contact us for regular drain cleaning or any time of the day if you have plumbing emergencies.

What happens during professional drain cleaning

People often associate “drain cleaning” with chemicals poured down a sink. That’s not what professionals do to clean drains, however; these caustic chemicals can cause damage to plumbing, and experts will do everything possible to keep your drainpipes in the best condition. After all, what’s the point of cleaning drains if it leaves them worse off than before?

For simple unclogging work, you can expect a professional plumber to clean your drains using a motorized drain auger (sometimes called a drain snake), which can take care of almost any size of obstruction within a drainpipe. Often, drain cleaning will start with a drain auger to remove basic drain trouble.

For a more thorough cleaning, plumbers will often use video pipe inspections to determine how best to approach the drain cleaning process. These fiber optic cable-mounted cameras travel down through drainpipes and send images back to a monitor, allowing the plumber a complete view of the interior of the pipes. The plumber can target specific areas for cleaning and determine the level of cleaning necessary.

The main tool for drain cleaning is usually a hydro-jetter, a powerful device that uses motors to place water under extremely high pressure, then blasts it out through a nozzle at the end of a hose inserted down into the drainpipes. The force of the water (usually more than 7,000 psi) scours the inside of the pipes and removes almost all kinds of accumulation. This so thoroughly cleans the pipes that it is difficult for build-up to start again. A good hydro-jetting job will leave drains that stay clean for a long time afterwards.

After hydro-jetting, the plumber may choose to use video pipe inspections again to see if the work did the job necessary. The plumber will supply you with a flash drive containing the video from the inspections so you can see what was done.

For the best in drain cleaning in Denver County, contact the experienced team at Bell Home Solutions today. We use all the equipment available to provide you the finest service for your plumbing.

Some Tips to Get the Most from a Kitchen Remodel

November 10th, 2014 by Gary Bell

Kitchen remodels, from mid-range jobs to full upscale projects, are one of your best options when it comes to home remodeling. A kitchen is central to your home life, and is often an important gathering place for your family and friends. With a remodeling upgrade, you’ll have a happier home and a more useful and efficient place for food preparation and entertaining.

Below are some tips from our experts in remodels in Montbello, CO and the surrounding areas for how you can get the most out of a professional kitchen remodel. Get started the right way and call the remodeling experts at Bell Home Solutions today.

Here’s how you can have a better kitchen remodel

  • Hire a single contractor to oversee the job: Both mid-range and upscale kitchen remodels require work in different fields, such as construction, architecture, stone-cutting, cabinetry, electricity, and plumbing. Although you can hire different contractors to work together on these jobs, this often leads to inefficient work and miscommunications—and ultimately more hassles for you. But there are full-service, comprehensive remodeling companies that take care of it all; do yourself an enormous favor and hire one of these companies.
  • Install new countertops: No matter what level of remodeling you plan for, you should have new countertops as part of it. There are numerous types of counter material available, from granite to tile to Formica, and there’s always a great new option that will fit your budget. Countertops enliven a kitchen, and the materials can make for a more useful and hygienic food preparation space.
  • Replace the plumbing: How old is your home? If it was built pre-1970, then it likely has outdated plumbing made from material that will eventually corrode. Because the pipes will be exposed during a remodeling, it’s an ideal time to have the old pipes replaced with modern material like copper and CPVC. Even for a newer home, you should consider a plumbing replacement because it will give the remodelers greater design freedom.

Call us for your kitchen remodeling needs

You will have a hard time finding a better company when it comes to home remodels in Montbello, CO than Bell Home Solutions. We started in business in 1926 handling many home services, and have worked doing kitchen and bathroom remodels for many decades now. We offer more than standard remodeling design work: we bring the entire package of electrical, plumbing, and construction.

We handle everything in-house, streamlining the process to save you time and money. Contact us today for a consultation about your remodeling project, or stop by our showroom.

How Hydro Jetting Provides Great Drain Cleaning

November 4th, 2014 by Gary Bell

Having the drains in your home’s kitchen or bathrooms professionally cleaned is helpful when you encounter serious clogging and slow drain problems. You can also schedule professional drain cleaning as a part of regular annual maintenance for your home’s plumbing. And you do need professionals to handle this job: pouring so-called “drain cleaning” liquid bought from a store down your drains could potentially damage them due to their acidic action, and these chemicals are also highly toxic with lingering fumes.

There are a number of ways professionals handle drain cleaning, but the method that does the most thorough job is hydro-jetting.

The fantastic cleaning power of hydro-jetting

The principle behind hydro-jetting is simple: using blasts of high pressure water to scour the interior of drainpipes free from all debris, organic and inorganic. Hydro-jetting equipment consists of a powered device that places water under intense pressure, and a long hose with a nozzle at the end that blasts out the water at pressures of 7,000 psi and up. The hose allows the nozzle to reach far down into the drains, and there is a great variety of nozzles that can direct the spray in just the right directions to handle many kinds of drain clogs and drainpipe build-up.

The sheer force of the water is enough to eliminate just about any blockage and potential blockage in drainpipes. It also leaves the insides of the pipes so smooth and clean that it is difficult for debris to start to build up again. This makes hydro-jetting superior to using drain snakes, which can break apart clogs but won’t provide the deep level of cleaning that leaves the interior of the pipes looking like new. Hydro-jetting will also leave the pipes undamaged.

Hydro-jetting equipment is potentially dangerous to people because of the pressure of the water spray, so only allow professionals with the proper training and safety gear to do this job. Professionals will also know the right pressure level for your drains to do the cleaning job you need without causing damage.

Bell Home Solutions is glad to offer superior drain cleaning in Centennial, CO and other areas with hydro-jetting technology. We are a full-service company for your home’s needs, from plumbing and heating to remodeling and electricity. Call us today to schedule service.

If you are looking for this service for your drain cleaning in Centennial, CO and throughout the Denver area, call the skilled plumbing team at Bell Home Solutions today.

Why You Need Repairs for a Cracked Heat Exchanger in Your Furnace

November 3rd, 2014 by Gary Bell

Gas-powered furnaces offer heating power that is almost unmatched for residential comfort, and that makes them especially appealing in Colorado and our often tough, dry winters. Although gas furnaces have a reputation as potentially hazardous, this is mostly unwarranted: contemporary gas furnaces are designed with numerous safety precautions, and if your furnace receives routine annual maintenance from a professional technician, you should have few worries. (We recommend you set up carbon monoxide detectors in your house as a precaution, which is a service we can provide.)

One area of safety concern when it comes to gas furnaces is cracks developing along the heat exchangers. Should this occurs, it calls for immediate professional repair work to replace the exchanger. Call Bell Home Solutions for your needs for heating repair in Denver, CO, such as a cracked heat exchanger.

What the heat exchanger does

A heat exchanger is a metal chamber shaped liked a clam. The exchanger’s role in a gas furnace is to collect the hot combustion gas from the burner and transfer the heat to its metal walls, where it then transfers to the current of air form the blower. This keeps fumes from the combustion gas away from the air that moves into the ventilation system. Once the combustion gas cools down, it vents out of the heat exchanger and safely up the exhaust flue and out of the house.

How does a heat exchanger become cracked?

Although gas furnaces do not use water, corrosion and rust can start in an aging furnace because of the natural reaction between metal and the combustion gas. When corrosion starts on a furnace, it is usually a sign that the furnace has aged past its usefulness and should be replaced.

But corrosion can start even on a newer furnace if there is a problem with proper exhaust venting. If corrosion begins on the exchanger, the weakening across the metal and the force of the exchanger expanding as it heats up will create cracks.

Why this requires immediate repairs from professionals

A cracked heat exchanger will begin to leak combustion gas into the furnace cabinet. Although these cracks may appear tiny, they will start to gape wide as the exchanger expands during the intense heat of the heating cycle.

Leaking carbon monoxide is a serious danger, both from the explosive hazard and from its high toxicity. If you hear a clicking sound from your furnace right after the blower fan turns off, you may have a cracked heat exchanger. If your carbon monoxide detector goes off, exit the house and call for help, as the source could also be a cracked heat exchanger. Any signs of corrosion on the furnace should also prompt a call to heating professionals. The professional technicians will replace the heat exchanger if they discover it is cracked.

Call us for heating repair in Denver, CO

Bell Home Solutions has your family’s protection and comfort as our number one priority. We have helped heat homes safely since 1926, and we offer 24-hour emergency service.

Upscale vs. Mid-Range Kitchen Remodels

October 28th, 2014 by Gary Bell

People choose to have kitchen remodeling done for a variety of reasons: to give a home interior a fresh look, to accommodate a growing family, to make the kitchen more accessible and easier to use, and to increase the value of the house. Often, all of these reasons combine, and the result is a superb return in value for the amount invested in remodeling.

There are two basic categories of kitchen remodeling, as recently discussed in Remodeling magazine: mid-range and upscale. When you choose a mid-range remodel for a kitchen, you are investing in replacing countertops and resurfacing cabinets, plus new sinks, fixtures, and appliances. An upscale remodel includes more new construction and possibly a complete redesign of the kitchen layout. Sometimes an upscale remodel will include full plumbing replacement.

Bell Home Solutions offers both mid-range and upscale kitchen remodels in Henderson, CO and the surrounding areas. We are here to provide you with the new kitchen that you want within your budget. Contact us for an initial consultation, and find out what type of kitchen remodel will give you the best return on investment, both in terms of your home’s value and your family’s homelife.

The choice between upscale and mid-range may simply depend on your budgetary plans. Remodeling found that kitchen remodels provided one of the best returns on investment, with less expensive mid-range remodels returning a better cost-to-value ratio, although any kitchen remodeling proved better than most other types of home remodeling projects, such as a home office. The mid-range kitchen remodel was indeed one of the best remodeling values available, with a cost-to-value ratio of 74.2%. The upscale kitchen remodel ranked close behind it.

Your choice will ultimately come down to your long-term plans. You may receive a smaller return on the upscale remodel, but the benefits of a fantastic new kitchen are hard to deny, especially if you plan to use it for many years. The best option you have is to hire a quality full-service remodeler—one who handles all aspects of the remodeling—to help you with your plans. You will find it difficult to go wrong when someone experienced helps you decide how best to remodel your kitchen.

Bell Home Solutions has worked on kitchen remodels in Henderson, CO for many decades. You will have a hard time finding remodelers with a longer history of providing quality jobs for all budget levels.

Contact Bell Home Solutions today or stop by our showroom to get started on the right kitchen remodel for your home.

Some of Your Options for Countertop Styles During a Remodel

October 27th, 2014 by Gary Bell

You have many options when it come to a kitchen remodeling project, from whether to replace the piping to what sort of finish you want on the cabinets. One important part of both mid-range and upscale kitchen remodels is selecting new countertops. Few other parts of a remodel will do more to make your kitchen look fresh and new, as well as making it more functional, than a new countertop.

Choosing countertops for a remodel can be tricky, however. You want a marriage of form and function that also fits your budget plans. To make the job easier, come to Bell Home Solutions for complete kitchen remodeling services. We offer many quality names in countertops, and our showroom will let you pick out the look that you want. For home remodels in Lowry, and the surrounding areas, contact us.

Some of the options to consider for kitchen countertops

  • Granite and natural stone: This is currently one of the most popular choices for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Granite and other natural stone such as marble make for a contemporary and stylish appearance that is often breathtakingly beautiful. These materials are durable, stain-resistant, and their variety of natural colors and textures make them adaptable to almost any kitchen style.
  • Composite: These countertops have long been popular in commercial kitchens for very good reasons: they inhibit bacteria from forming, are easy to clean, and resist scratches and heat. If you love to cook and entertain, you’ll keep a busy kitchen—and that’s where a composite countertop will come in handy.
  • Tile: A popular surface for many decades, tile still remains a great option. Tile is budget-friendly, but also comes in a variety of styles that allow you to do almost anything with it. New, larger tile designs make these countertops much easier to clean than many older versions.
  • Laminate: A.k.a. “Formica” (one of the brand names). This is a good, lower-cost alternative to solid stone countertops. Laminate counters have nonporous surfaces and are easy to clean and maintain. You can choose laminate in imitation stone and wood look for the kitchen appearance you’ve always dreamed of.

Options, options, options… so how are you going to choose?

It’s always better to have more choices than too few, and with the assistance of our  professional remodelers, you will have no problem discovering the countertop that fits both your budget and your vision for a new kitchen.

For bathroom and kitchen remodels in Lowry, CO, you can trust Bell Home Solutions as your one-stop location to take care of all your needs.

How Video Pipe Inspection Equipment Is Used in Drain Cleaning

October 21st, 2014 by Gary Bell

The tried-and-true methods for cleaning drains are using plungers and drain augers (also known as “drain snakes”). For simple clogs, a plunger will often solve the problem quickly. Tougher blockages will require calling on a professional plumber equipped with a powered drain auger that can rapidly drill into the clog and break it up or remove it, without needing to resort to caustic chemicals.

Technology has advanced significantly when it comes to drain cleaning services, however. One of the tools that plumbers use today to make cleaning clogged and dirty drains and sewer lines faster and more effective is video pipe inspection equipment. With the use of cameras, plumbers can investigate drain issues thoroughly and come up with targeted solutions for long-term care.

When you want drain cleaning in Northglenn, CO using the best technology possible, call up Bell Home Solutions. Whether you have a single clog or you want full sewer line cleaning, we can take care of it.

Video pipe inspection

A video pipe inspection kit consists of a miniaturized digital camera mounted on a long fiber-optic cable. The cable connects to a monitor for the images sent from the camera. The technician feeds the cable down into drain openings, and a powerful LED light mounted beside the camera provides the illumination necessary to send back a clear view of the interior of the pipe. The cable is long enough for the plumber to investigate the full length of a sewer line right to where it exits the property line.

Using the data returned from the camera, the plumber will find out what specifically is wrong with the drain: hard water deposits, organic build-up, tree root infestations, etc. The plumber will also find where damage is affecting the line, and other issues such as sagging (“bellying”). The plumber will know the best approach to take to cleaning out the blockage quickly and safely, or if it is necessary to arrange for other repairs.

So that you understand the issues in your drain or sewer line, the plumber will play back the footage for you and supply you with a flash drive containing it. It will always be up to you if the plumber goes ahead with the suggested cleaning or repairs.

At Bell Home Solutions, we are proud of the comprehensive services we provide for drains and sewers to keep them in top condition. We put to use the best available equipment; but nothing is better than training and skill, and we hire only the best technicians to tackle a job.

When you contact us for drain cleaning in Northglenn, CO or the surrounding areas, we will send out our best plumbers with the finest equipment to get the job done right.

Do You Need to Have an Electrical Upgrade During Your Remodel?

October 20th, 2014 by Gary Bell

Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom in a house isn’t a single task, but rather a collection of tasks. It often requires different contractors to handle each job, such as an architect to develop the design, builders for the physical work, and electricians and plumbers to take care of the necessities any kitchen or bathroom must have.

However, you can simplify this process by going to a remodeler who handles all these jobs in-house. Bell Home Solutions offers this kind of comprehensive remodeling, from the first design concepts to putting in the cabinets and connecting the last plumbing fixtures. For remodels in Golden, CO and the surrounding areas, come to us first.

Your electrical system and remodeling

Homeowners want to get the most value for the money they spend on remodeling, and often it is tempting to limit the some of the services for a kitchen or bathroom remodel. For example, it isn’t always necessary to do a large-scale repiping during a remodel, although it is advisable for older homes and for very extensive redesigns since replacing the pipes allows for more construction freedom.

But what about your electrical system? Should you have an upgrade to the wiring in your kitchen or bathroom as part of the remodeling? The answer, in most cases, is yes.

One of the reasons that we advise clients to upgrade their electrical systems is because it adds immense convenience. A problem with older bathrooms, and especially older kitchens, is a lack of outlets and outlets with poor placement. You should have outlets at least every 4 feet, which is a bit closer than the electrical code minimum requirement (6 feet) but which we think you will find extremely helpful. Adding additional small appliance circuits to a kitchen is also a good idea to help with the larger number of powered devices that modern kitchens require.

Your demands for electrical power have likely increased over the past ten years, so upgrading the system for more amps is probably wise. If you still have an old fuse box, you definitely want to schedule a replacement for that along with the remodel: the increased activity and power use in your remodeled room will probably be too much for old fuses, and circuit breakers are more capable of handling electrical fluctuations and are also more convenient to reset.

For all this work, you must have a licensed electrician. You do not want your home remodel to end up creating a fire hazard! This is one of the reasons you will find Bell Home Solutions such a convenient place to come for your remodeling: electrical service is one of our specialties and has been for years. When we remodel a room, we bring in our electrical experts to handle all the new wiring and replacements necessary to make your new bathroom or kitchen the best—and safest—it can be.

For remodels in Golden, CO, give Bell Home Solutions a call to set up an appointment or stop by our well-appointed showroom.