Bell Home Solutions Teamed Up with the Bath Crashers!

September 12th, 2014 by Gary Bell

Here at Bell Home Solutions, we love our community – just as much as we love our work. So you can imagine our excitement when our kitchen & bath remodeling team had the opportunity to work with the DIY Network on a project with Matt Muenster and the producers of Bath Crashers.  This was the first of 2 projects that Bell Home Solutions and the DIY Network has partnered on. Imagine the surprise of the Denver family who was wandering through the local home improvement store when they were ambushed by Matt and the Bath Crashers crew! Our remodeling crew was so happy to provide this family with the bathroom improvements of their dreams!

DIY Network LogoHGTV Logo

We are happy to announce that the first project we worked on, Mile High Ceiling, will be airing Monday September 15th at 9:30pm MST.  If you miss the first airing it will be on again October 11, 2014 at 1pm MST.  This episode will also air on HGTV (Home & Garden TV) within the Saturday airings of Bath Crashers; date and time TBD.

After the episode airs, we’ll be publishing another blog immediately following that includes before and after photographs of the project.

Where to Spend Your Money on a Bathroom Remodeling Project

September 10th, 2014 by Gary Bell

If you have ever looked at “Before and After” images of bathroom remodels, you’ll recognize what an astonishing transformation a professional make-over for a bathroom can be. A drab, functional room turns into something sparkling, fresh—the most pleasant place to begin and end a day. And the remodeling can go deeper than the surface level with more efficient appliances that save water.

You have so many options when you choose to have bathroom remodeling in Aurora, CO, that you may feel a bit overwhelmed. We have advice on some places to focus when it comes to designing the ideal bathroom remodel. However, every homeowner will have his or her individual ideas for what will make the “best” remodel; make sure that you work with skilled remodelers in order to receive the top results from the choices you make.

To get started with a full-service remodeling company, call Bell Plumbing & Heating Company. We will handle all aspects of your new bathroom, from start to finish.

Ideas for where to spend money during a bathroom remodel

  • Water-saving fixtures: A low-flow toilet, sink faucet, and showerhead are perfect examples of thinking long-term when it comes to remodeling. Each of these installations can reduce annual water use by a third, significantly lowering your bills and helping the environment at the same time. Current low-flow technology means you won’t have to sacrifice quality for the sake of efficiency.
  • New lighting: Never underestimate the power of lighting to change the look of a room. Removing old, ugly, and inefficient lighting with softer and energy-saving lamps will give a bathroom a more inviting look that removes ugly glare but still provides sufficient illumination for your needs.
  • New paint job: This is a simple and inexpensive way to immediately make the bathroom more lively.
  • Heated towel rack: There are many luxuries you can choose for a bathroom. One that has become almost a standard in Europe is the heated towel rack. These appliances don’t provide you with warmer towels, but instead dry the towels off, removing excess moisture from the bathroom. They also help keep the bathroom warm during cold days, and they can make an attractive part of the room design.
  • New sink: Few fixtures in a bathroom offer as much versatility as a new sink. Pedestal, under-mount, over-mount, vessel, wall-mount… you have numerous choices that offer different ways to enhance the bathroom, whether increasing storage space or beautifying the room.

Call one of our remodeling experts at Bell Plumbing & Heating Company today to explore the other options available for bathroom remodeling in Aurora, CO.

How Can I Save Money on a Remodeling Project?

September 9th, 2014 by Gary Bell

When you decide to undertake a remodeling job for your kitchen or one of your bathrooms, you will probably expect that the project will cost a great deal of money. Remodeling a room in your home is generally a good investment of resources, but you should also look for places where you can save money without sacrificing quality.

Our remodeling team at Bell Plumbing & Heating Company understand your concerns. We have a long history of performing comprehensive remodeling for homes in the Denver Metro Area, and we have assisted numerous clients with finding ways to lower costs while still getting the best work possible. Here is some of our advice on how you can save money for your remodeling. If you have more questions, feel free to contact our Westminster, CO remodelers and they will be glad to assist you.

Some ways to save money when it comes to remodeling

  • Hire a full-service contractor: An unfortunate reality of many remodeling jobs is that time and money goes to waste because of poor coordination between the different contractors who handle design, plumbing, electrical systems, etc. If possible, you should go to a contractor who handles all stages of the remodel. This will make the work go smoother and faster—and consequently cost less.
  • Aim for long-term savings: When it comes to saving money through remodeling, you should look toward the future rather than settling for what seems like an immediate way to cut costs in the present. For example, you might save money during the remodeling with cheaper cabinet and countertop material—but if this means repainting or even replacing within only a few years, it is not worth it. Your remodeling professionals can help you identify places where paying a bit more for quality material means bigger savings down the road.
  • Avoid moving large plumbing fixtures: If a full repiping job is necessary for the remodel because you need to eliminate older, damaged pipes, then you should definitely include it because of the long-term benefits. However, if you already have excellent plumbing, then it is less expensive to move around major plumbing appliances such as the sink and the toilet. A much more economic option is to have the fixtures replaced (a new sink can add enormous value to a remodeling job) instead of going through the extensive re-plumbing necessary to move the fixtures. The remodeler will help you with the design that will allow you to receive the most from new fixtures without necessitating major plumbing overhauls.

Work closely with your remodeling contractors: they are there to see that you have the kitchen or bathroom you want at the price you want.

Our Westminster, CO remodelers at Bell Plumbing & Heating Company will be happy to help you find ways to save money while still achieving the new room look that you want.

How Do Drain Clogs Get Started?

September 3rd, 2014 by Gary Bell

When you have a drain clog in your home, a small task like rinsing a couple of dishes suddenly becomes a major hassle. And besides the buildup of dishes in the sink or the pool of water that forms at your feet as you shower, clogged drains may cause problems for your pipes that could lead to the need for major plumbing repair.

When you have a slow or stopped drain, you should call a professional plumbing repair company for drain cleaning as soon as possible to avoid any repercussions. Sometimes, a simple plunger can clear clogged drains. But when this is not the case, many homeowners turn to liquid drain cleaners, which promise a quick fix for your toughest clogs. Don’t fall for these claims; liquid drain cleaners may be harmful to your skin and eyes, and they are rarely capable of clearing clogs deep within your pipes.

Common Sources of Clogs in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Drain clogs may get started in many ways. In your kitchen, tough clogs may be due to food items that are not processed by the garbage disposal and cannot pass through your drains. Another surprising source of kitchen clogs may be fats, oils, and grease poured down the drain during kitchen cleanup. These substances may seem innocuous, but fat, oil, and grease may eventually solidify in the pipes. Homeowners should dump these into a trash receptacle rather than allow them to line the drains.

In your sink or shower, hair and soap scum are major sources of drain clogs. Soap scum builds up along the insides of pipes, and hair may become caught along with it or become stuck in the p-trap, the curved section of pipe beneath your sink. Another possible source of drain clogs is a condition known as hard water. If you have an excess of minerals in your water, deposits may gather in the pipes and clog your drains. To prevent hard water from damaging your drain pipes, call a professional to install a water softener, a device which replaces problematic minerals with sodium to eliminate the impact on your pipes.

At Bell Plumbing & Heating Company, our technicians are trained to locate drain clogs and remove them with specialized equipment you won’t find in stores.

When you need help with clogged drains in Englewood, give the drain cleaning experts at Bell Plumbing & Heating a call!

Should I Replace the Kitchen Sink During a Remodel?

September 2nd, 2014 by Gary Bell

A kitchen remodel is one of the best single-room remodeling jobs you can have done for a home. Revamping a kitchen to modernize it, change the layout, update the plumbing, and re-do the cabinets and countertops is a great way to enhance a room that’s central to your life, and often central to everyone in your household. A revitalized kitchen will revitalized a home.

There are many tasks you can have taken care of during a kitchen remodel, and you’ll need to decide where you want to prioritize. You may be interested in putting in new appliances and eliminating old ones, such as taking out a trash compactor to fit in a larger refrigerator. Or maybe you are focused on replacing aging plumbing. But one improvement to which you should give serious consideration, no matter what your general plans are, is replacing the sink.

We offer comprehensive remodeling services for bathrooms and kitchens, and our showroom is stocked with many models of sinks to help you design the new kitchen that you want.

The sink is both a functional and decorative part of the kitchen. Most of the work that gets done in a modern kitchen occurs in and around the sink, so changing an older model for one that is easier to use—such as multiple bowls and faucets—or easier to clean, is a great way to get more out of your kitchen and make working there easier. A kitchen sink will also add to the attractiveness of the room, since it is often at the center of activity. Replacing an older scratched or drab kitchen sink with a shiny model (stainless steel looks especially nice, and never goes out of style) can do an amazing job of enlivening the room.

However, you should work carefully with a remodeler when selecting a new kitchen sink: expert designers will help you choose the sink type that will work best with the anticipated new look for the room. Whether it’s an over-mount, under-mount, or apron sink, an experienced designer will know how to locate the right new fixture for your remodel.

Bell Plumbing & Heating Company specializes in complete remodeling services. We’ll make sure that whichever of the many kitchen sinks in Arvada, CO you pick for your remodel, it will look beautiful and work great.

For a wide selection of kitchen sinks for an Arvada, CO kitchen remodel, come to the professionals at Bell Plumbing & Heating Company.

Why You Should Hire a Professional to Remodel Your Home

August 27th, 2014 by Gary Bell

A quality remodeling job for your home, whether for the bathrooms or the kitchen, can give it new life and make all your daily tasks easier—even more enjoyable. You can remodel rooms to better their function, to make them more appealing, or to update aging fixtures and plumbing. Whatever your reasons for remodeling, you want to design the house to fit your specific needs—and the best way to achieve that is with the assistance of professional remodelers who can help make your vision a reality.

When you are set to undertake a remodeling project, make certain that you have quality professionals with years of experience to handle the many different aspects of the job. For a remodel in Lakewood, CO, contact the team at Bell Plumbing & Heating Company. We take care of all parts of a remodeling job, from design, to fixture selection, to plumbing installation. We are your one-stop company for handling home remodeling.

The reasons you should hire professional remodelers

  • Save time: Remodeling a room, even a small guest bathroom, is a massive and time-consuming undertaking. If you attempt to do it on your own, you could spend months working on the job (and still end up with a mediocre result). Amateurs will often fare little better. With professionals, you will have a whole crew dedicated to your remodel to get it done on time and with minimal disruption to you daily life.
  • Coordinate tasks: Remodeling a house involves different types of work: design, architecture, construction, painting, plumbing, and more. A comprehensive professional remodeling service will collect all these tasks under one roof so that the team works together to achieve the best results.
  • Cost: Using professionals will save you money. Experienced remodelers will always be on the lookout for ways to lower costs and create a more efficient space, such as recommending low-flow kitchen installments. A remodeling job from experts will also mean you’ll have fewer repairs in the future, and you won’t have to worry about trying to correct anything that was done improperly.
  • The results will simply look better: This is probably the best reason to hire professionals when it’s time to remodel. Experts in design will take your ideas for the remodel and realize them in the most attractive fashion possible. There are few better feelings then seeing your dream room design brought to life… and only professional remodelers can achieve this.

Bell Plumbing & Heating Company offers comprehensive services for remodeling, including a large showroom of fixtures, countertops, and cabinets to help you pick out the look you want.

Call us today to schedule an appointment to learn more about what we can do for your remodel in Lakewood, CO.

What Types of Drain Cleaning Tools Are There?

August 26th, 2014 by Gary Bell

When you wash your hands, clean the floors, or do the dishes, you need wastewater to flow smoothly into a working drain. So when a clog prevents water from draining, many homeowners purchase drain cleaning liquids that claim to clear tough clogs. If you own a bottle of drain cleaning fluid, you may want to throw it out now. The chemicals in drain cleaners are hazardous to your health as they can give off toxic fumes and harm skin or eyes. Furthermore, they often do not clear clogs, especially those far from the drain opening.

The best way to get rid of drain clogs is by calling a professional. Here is a list of some of the tools plumbers may use for drain cleaning in Greenwood Village.

  • Video technology: During drain cleaning, the technician may notice pipes that are compromised by corrosion, rust, breaks, or dirt. In this case, your technician will use video inspection equipment to locate and inform you of any problems that need to be fixed before drain cleaning.
  • Motorized drain snake: While you may be able to find a manual drain snake at most hardware stores, an electric drain cleaner reaches deep into the pipe to remove hidden problems quickly and accurately.
  •  Hydrojetting: Hydrojetting is another service that uses powerful hoses to provide a rush of water that clears pipes effectively when used correctly.

Drain cleaning is a valuable service that can help prevent major problems from occurring in the future. Clogged drains are an inconvenience, but they can lead to major problems with your pipes. Clogged drains back up sinks and pipes, which can affect the pressure of your plumbing, which may in turn lead to damages. Be sure to schedule drain cleaning at the first sign of clogs. You may also choose to schedule drain cleaning just to have some peace of mind that everything will continue to work as it should.

When you have a clog, or if you’d like to schedule cleaning to maintain your plumbing, you need professionals with the right tools to get the job done.

For expert drain cleaning service in Greenwood Village, call the professionals at Bell Plumbing & Heating Company today!


Does Remodeling Add Value to My Home?

August 20th, 2014 by Gary Bell

Homeowners choose to remodel bathrooms and kitchen for a variety of reasons: to update appliances, accommodate growing families, enliven an aging design, help household members with special needs, and generally beautify the interior of their home. A common long-term goal of remodeling for many homeowners is to elevate the market value of the house. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home in the near future, any project that adds value to a house is a wise investment.

But does remodeling actually increase a home’s market value? This is something you’ll want to feel certain about before you undertake a major kitchen or bathroom remodeling in Littleton, CO, since it will help guide you in how much to allocate to the project. Spending a bit more to create a large future rise in value is an excellent use of resources.

To receive the highest increase in your home’s selling price from a remodel, you need have the work done right.

Only rely on an experienced and comprehensive remodeling team for the job: call Bell Plumbing & Heating Company and talk to our remodeling specialists today, or stop by and visit our showroom.

Remodeling and home value

The simple answer to the question “Will a remodel add value to a home?” is “Yes.” How much depends, of course, on numerous factors, but we’ll give you an idea of how these remodeling jobs on kitchens and bathrooms will raise a home’s value.

With a good remodeling job, the money you put into the work will pay off in the future. With a kitchen, you can expect even a modest new set of cabinets to increase market value. Other remodeling projects that will add value to a home are new floor installation and tiles, new countertops, and attractive lighting. In general, kitchen remodels are one of the most effective ways to elevate a home’s market value, since they are usually at the center of a house and benefit enormously in convenience thanks to upgrades.

Bathroom remodeling is a close second to kitchens for return on investment. New appliances and a fresh look to a master bathroom will have an effective increase on a home’s selling price.

Here’s something else to consider: according to the National Association of Realtors, a house with professional remodeling will sell faster. When it comes to putting a house on the market, value isn’t the only important factor—a house that catches potential buyer’s eyes will go off the market much quicker. The combination of increased value and increased appeal work together to make kitchen and bathroom remodeling a fantastic investment.

You will receive the best increase in value and appeal from your remodeling when you hire an experienced company with who can cover all aspects of the job. Bell Plumbing & Heating Company can handle for remodeling in Littleton, CO from start to finish, taking care of cabinets, plumbing, fixtures, flooring, tiles, drywall, lighting, and countertops. We will help you receive the most value out of your remodeling project.

Some of Your Options for Kitchen Cabinets in Denver

August 19th, 2014 by Gary Bell

When remodeling a kitchen to provide it a fresh, invigorated look, one of the key components are new cabinets. The material, the finishing, and the style of the new cabinets must all work together with the overall design of the kitchen to create a beautiful and functional environment.

For your kitchen remodeling project, turn to a company that not only offers all the services you need, but also provides you with a diverse showroom of kitchen cabinets in Denver, CO to allow you to select the exact look you want for the room. Bell Plumbing & Heating Company provides comprehensive remodeling and a showroom of fixtures, cabinets, countertops, and more to make your kitchen remodel the best it can possibly be.

Here are options to look into for your kitchen cabinets

  • Strasser Woodenworks: These US-crafted wooden cabinets come at affordable prices and with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. They are manufactured to order and come in an enormous variety of finishes and looks: natural cherry, dark cherry, natural maple, satin white, satin biscuit, satin black, and many more.
  • Executive Cabinetry: Executive Cabinetry uses the finest materials and designers who have an eye toward fashion. The cabinets are made with indoor air quality in mind and contain no added formaldehyde and are finished with waterborne stains, paints, and sealers. Their manufacturing process has earned the KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program certification.
  • DeWils: This family-owned business has specialized in kitchen cabinet design for over half a century. All their material is made from hand-selected wood, and the cabinets are constructed for durability and beauty.
  • Woodland: Whatever style you are looking for in your new kitchen, Woodland can design the affordable cabinets to match it. Modern, classics, eclectic, or rustic, Woodland can provide the appearance you want for you kitchen remodel.
  • Robern: Products from Robern offer special features using patented technology. If you are looking for extra function from your cabinets, such as 170° hinges, night lights, and upward-opening doors, you should look into the options available from Robern.

This is only a sampling of the cabinets available, and you will find even more options at our Denver, CO kitchen cabinets showroom, along with the other fixtures you will need.

Schedule an appointment with the Bell Plumbing & Heating Company remodelers today to discuss your dream project, and we can show you all the ways we can make it into a reality.

What Type of Air Cleaner Is Right for My Home?

August 13th, 2014 by Gary Bell

If you are concerned about harmful air particles, one of the best ways to manage this is to improve your indoor air quality with an air cleaner. Your HVAC system provides the perfect platform to make this kind of upgrade, as whole-home air filters can be added seamlessly to your existing system. Adding an air cleaner to your Arvada, CO home can offer several benefits, but it’s important to use professional installers like the ones at Bell Plumbing & Heating Company to ensure your installation is done correctly.

Types of Air Cleaners

Choosing a type of air cleaner for your home depends largely on what your specific needs are. Here are the most common types of air cleaners currently on the market:

Mechanical Air Filters

Mechanical air filters are square-framed filters that replace the standard air filter of your AC system. Mechanical filters can be pleated, extended surface, or both. These filters capture particles in the filter material, and need to be changed approximately every 3 months. MERV ratings can range from 1-13 with these types of filters. HEPA filters are special types of mechanical filters, as they tend to have very high MERV ratings and may not be suitable for residential usage. The types of particles captured by mechanical filters depend on the MERV rating of that filter.

Electronic Air Cleaners

There are two types of electronic air cleaners:

  • Electronic precipitator
  • Ion generator

An electronic precipitator uses electricity to charge particles in the air. It does this by drawing particles into an ion section, and once the particles are charged, they are trapped on metal plates that hold an opposite charge.

An ion generator is similar, but does not have an ion section or charged plates. Rather, the ion generator disperses ions into the air that charge particles; these charged particles then settle on surfaces throughout your home.

UV Germicidal Lights

The last type of air cleaner is UV germicidal lights. UV lights kill biological pollutants by destroying their DNA. This stops the replication of the contaminants, leading to eradication. One item to note about UV lights is that they do not filter anything, so it is recommended that UV lights be paired with a filtration system.

Indoor air quality is important for both comfort and health. If you seek to improve your indoor air quality in Arvada, consider adding an air cleaner to your existing air conditioning system. Have questions? Call Bell Plumbing & Heating Company and schedule an appointment with one of our experts.