Signs That You May Require Plumbing Repairs

February 27th, 2015 by Gary Bell

As far as modern conveniences go, indoor plumbing is certainly right up near the top of the list. Our plumbing systems are used each and every day, in a variety of ways. So vital are our plumbing systems, in fact, that it is nigh impossible for most homeowners to imagine living without the convenience that they allow for. Even those with the capability for such imaginings would likely not wish to ponder such an existence. The fact of the matter is, though, that our plumbing systems are not 100% reliable. If you wish to use your plumbing system with the dependability that you expect, it is important that any necessary plumbing repairs in Aurora are completed as soon as possible. The longer you wait to schedule service, the more likely serious plumbing issues are to develop. Call Bell Home Solutions as soon as you suspect that your plumbing system is in jeopardy.

One reliable way in which to be made aware of problems with your plumbing system is simply to keep an eye on your water bills. Water leaks are among the most common problems that homeowners face with their residential plumbing systems. Leaks don’t have to leave you ankle deep in water to be problematic, of course. Even minor leaks can lead to real trouble over time, as well as increased water costs. If you find that your water bill is on the rise inexplicably, it may be due to water loss resulting from a leak in your plumbing system.

You should also give us a call if you hear the sound of running water even when there is none in use throughout your home. There are many different points in a plumbing system in which water may leak from piping, and the sound of running water is an indicator that you have such a problem in your home. It doesn’t matter if it’s the result of a minor leak in your shower plumbing or a serious slab leak; any unexplained sounds of running water must be investigated at once.

Finally, remember that there is no problem too small to contact a professional plumber about. You may not think that frequently backed up drains, a running toilet, or even dripping faucets are all that serious. All of these problems can develop into more serious issues and cost you money over time, though, and they may even be indicative of more serious, hidden issues already in existence.

The good news is that you need only enlist the help of the pros at Bell Home Solutions to get the quality plumbing repairs in Aurora that you need.


Why Consider a Kitchen Remodel?

February 26th, 2015 by Gary Bell

At Bell Home Solutions, we believe that every homeowner should be completely satisfied with all aspects of their home. That is why we offer some of the finest kitchen remodeling services that you are likely to find in the Foxfield, CO area. If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen for any reason, we encourage you to contact a member of our team today, or just drop by our impressive showroom. We have a team of remodeling professionals, including interior designers and remodeling contractors, on staff to ensure your 100% satisfaction with your remodeled kitchen. If you are on the fence about scheduling a kitchen remodel, here are some reasons to consider doing so, courtesy of the pros at Bell Home Solutions.

When it comes to your kitchen, we believe that it is best to strike a healthy balance between fashion and function. The lack of either is the main reason for most homeowners to schedule a kitchen remodel. A kitchen is much more than just an area in which meals are prepared and the dirty dishes are washed afterwards, after all. Like any other part of your home, your kitchen should present you with the desired aesthetic appeal. Fashions fall out of fashion, as well all know, and the colors and designs of fixtures in your kitchen are not immune to this phenomenon. Some people buy a home, and inherit a kitchen that is not ideally suited to their sense of style or design. Others may simply have developed different tastes and preferences over the years. In either case, we can help you to enter your kitchen and be completely happy with what you see upon doing so.

Of course, it really doesn’t matter how great your kitchen looks if it is not set up in a manner conducive to your practical needs in that space. If your kitchen design is very old, it may not be able to easily accommodate the installation of a dishwasher. Perhaps you have a large floor space, but too little in the way of counter space. In that case, an island may be the perfect solution. Even the design of your cabinets and their placement can have a serious impact on the way in which you move around and go about your duties in the kitchen. When you let our team remodel your kitchen, we’ll work closely with you to see that your vision is realized.

If you decide to go forward with your kitchen remodel, you can expect nothing shy of complete satisfaction with the job we’ve done, leaving you with the functional and visually stunning kitchen that you’ve had in mind.

Ultimately, the decision to remodel your kitchen in Foxfield, CO is up to you. Bell Home Solutions is ready and willing to discuss your options with you, though, and to help you make that decision.

Why Can’t I Handle My Own Drain Cleaning?

February 21st, 2015 by Gary Bell

When you have a drain clog in your home, it takes away your ability to do some of the most vital daily tasks. If your kitchen sink drains slowly or won’t drain at all, rinsing the dishes takes far too long. If your shower won’t drain, you’re left standing in a puddle of water. And if multiple drains are clogged, repairing the trouble becomes urgent. Many homeowners rush out to the hardware store to find a quick solution. However, at Bell Home Solutions, we know of a few reasons why drain cleaning in Commerce City, CO should always be a job for professionals.

A Thorough Diagnosis

One of the benefits of choosing professionals for drain cleaning is that they can diagnose your drains before coming up with a plan of attack. This saves a lot of time and trouble, as video inspection equipment can help the technician to find the exact location of the blockage.

Access to the Proper Tools

Another reason to call a professional is that they have all the tools for drain cleaning. A number of different tools may be used for drain cleaning depending on the circumstance. Often, the only piece of equipment a technician will need to use is a drain snake, either motorized or manual. A wire moves down into the pipes, latching onto blockage and pulling it back up through the drain. Or, hydro jetting may be the right solution for your drain clog. This involves the use of a thin hose that blasts water into the pipe at high pressure. Large clogs move into the sewer and any additional debris or grease are removed from the lining of the pipes as well.

Peace of Mind

Finally, professional drain cleaning gives you peace of mind that your plumbing system is in good working order. After a diagnosis of your drain pipes and hydro jetting service, there is a lower likelihood that clogs can continue to accumulate.

Count on the friendly plumbers at Bell Home Solutions for drain cleaning in Commerce City, Co, whether it’s for preventive measures or to target a particular clog. Call our team today!

Remodeling Ideas for a Smaller Bathroom

February 20th, 2015 by Gary Bell

Just because you may have a small bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t have a great bathroom. While today’s bathroom trend is toward large, spa-like bathrooms, not all homes have the room for a master bath. However, you can still make your small bathroom feel like a master bath with some of these tips from our Bell Home Solutions remodeling experts:

  • Use natural light – one of the reasons small bathrooms can feel so small is that sometimes there is not enough, or no, natural light coming into the space. A well-placed window, transom window or skylight can bring much-needed natural light into the space.
  • Create storage space – you may have an extra nook or extra shelving that, with a little creativity, can add flare and storage to your bathroom without too much effort, or sacrificing the storage space you need.
  • Go diagonal with floor tile – floor tile placed in a diagonal line gives the illusion that the room is bigger because the lines stretch longer.
  • Hang it up – today’s wall-mounted sinks aren’t just attractive and trendy, they are great savers when it comes to floor space. If you haven’t considered a wall-mounted sink, take a look at today’s products – you may be surprised at what you find.
  • Install an all-glass shower – an all-glass shower, known as a frameless shower, gives the illusion of space because it doesn’t break up your bathroom the way a tub or framed shower can.
  • Decorate with bright colors – don’t be afraid to let your color pallet loose on your small bathroom – the brighter the color, the bigger the bathroom can feel.
  • Don’t move your existing plumbing – to save some money, try to work with the existing plumbing as it is.
  • Accessorize with wall-mounted products – soap holders, glass shelving, towel racks, etc., can all be attractively mounted to the wall, saving needed floor space while enhancing the décor of the entire bathroom.

The experts at Bell Home Solutions have remodeled bathrooms from powder rooms to master baths, so if you are ready for a bathroom remodel in Parker, CO, call us today!

Valentine’s Day: Pagan Revelry, Clandestine Marriage, and 14th Century Poetry

February 14th, 2015 by Gary Bell

What do you think of when you think of Valentine’s Day? Perhaps rushing off to the stationary store after work to choose the perfect card with which to express your feelings towards a loved one? Dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant? Roses, dark chocolates, and other gifts and confections? Whatever Valentine’s Day may look like to you, chances are that it is a far cry from the history surrounding this holiday – or at least we hope so. Here are a few interesting facts about this most romantic of holidays, from your friends here at Bell Home Solutions.

The fact of the matter is that there is no definitive history as to how Valentine’s Day came to be. There are a few different saints with variations of the name Valentine, for example. One of the most prevalent legends, and one certainly in keeping with the romantic nature of the holiday as we know it today, pertains to a priest serving during the 3rd century in Rome. Under the rule of Emperor Claudius II, who believed that young men made for better soldiers if unfettered by marriage, it was illegal for young men to marry. A true believer in love, Valentine would marry young couples in secret. Until, at least, he was found out, and met a very unpleasant end for his crimes.

Like many of our modern holidays, Valentine’s Day can also be traced back to pagan ritual. Lupercalia, as the pagan festival is known, was a fertility festival dedicated to Faunus, a god of agriculture. As is often the case with Roman celebrations, the details of this celebration are unfit to detail here. Suffice to say that, while there is certainly a touch of the amorous in the proceedings, the festival was a far cry from what we associate with Valentine’s Day today.

How, then, did our modern version of Valentine’s Day come to be? The answer may lie in, of all places, 14th century poetry; particularly, in the writings of Geoffrey Chaucer. Famed for his Canterbury Tales, Chaucer may well be the very first writer to associate Valentine’s Day with romantic love, in the manner of which we are familiar with it today. His The Parliament of Fowls details the dream-vision of a narrator consumed with the idea of romantic love and the natural order of finding a mate. Valentine’s Day is mentioned by name a number of times, as the narrator witnesses a parliament of eagles vying for the hand – or, perhaps more aptly, the wing – of a mate.

Whatever you may think of the holiday’s sordid and convoluted history, we here at Bell Home Solutions hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with the special someone in your life.

What to Keep in Mind When Remodeling the Kitchen Countertops

February 13th, 2015 by Gary Bell

Everyone loves that part of kitchen remodeling where you get to pick out the different options for your new space. The vast number of options, the beautiful materials, the sea of color schemes, it’s all so exciting. This is the part of the remodeling process where you don’t have to worry about logistics or any of the other nasty details involved with such a project. Instead, you can just enjoy picking what will look good. Or can you? In actuality, there are several things you should consider beyond just what looks good. If you don’t take things like weight, cost, and maintenance needs into account, you may end up being unhappy with the result. Let’s take a look at the considerations for one of the biggest parts of kitchen remodeling: countertops.


Granite is one of the more common high quality countertop materials, and for good reason. Granite is a beautiful, natural stone, and each counter will have its own unique look. It also happens to be really sturdy, able to stand up to things like knife scratches remarkably well. The downside to granite is that it’s incredibly heavy. If you plan on having granite counters installed in your kitchen, you need to make sure that your cabinet boxes are capable of supporting that much weight. If not, you’re going to have a very unpleasant surprise when your beautiful countertops crush your cabinets flat. Granite is also porous, being a natural stone. This means that it can stain if you don’t have it sealed every once in a while.


Ceramic tile is a good choice for people who want a really pretty counter, but don’t want to deal with the hassle or expense of something like granite. Ceramic tiles are light, fairly resistant to heat and nicks, and easy to repair. If a tile becomes damages, you can just replace that one without having to worry about the rest of the countertop. The downside is that tile is not a uniform surface, which can make some kitchen activities, like rolling dough, a bit difficult. It can also develop mold and other bacterial growth if not kept clean, just like the tile in your bathroom.

There are many, many other kinds of counters available for kitchen remodeling, each with their own pros and cons.

If you need help deciding which one would best fit your kitchen, call Bell Home Solutions. We provide kitchen remodeling services, throughout Lone Tree, CO.

How Hydro Jetting Differs from Other Methods of Drain Cleaning

February 6th, 2015 by Gary Bell

If your plumbing system has ever fallen victim to a major drain clog, you know just what a hassle it can be. Sometimes, you can get it out with a good plunger and maybe a little bit of skill and strength. But other times, you’ll have to find a plumbing company available for fast repairs, as you’re unable to use one or more faucets or fixtures in the home until the problem is solved. Scheduling drain cleaning with a trained plumber allows you to feel confident that the problem is found and removed ASAP and with little damage to your pipes. In today’s guide, we’ll take a look at why you should choose a professional who uses hydro jetting as part of drain cleaning in Roxborough, CO.

The danger of home drain cleaning “solutions”

When you visit the “plumbing” section of your local hardware store or grocery store, you’re likely to recognize two things in particular: the plungers and the drain cleaning gels and liquids. Drain cleaning solution is marketed towards the average homeowner, which is alarming when you consider that it’s one of the most toxic substances available for widespread purchase.

Drain cleaning chemicals are known to injure eyes and irritate the skin. They can also be toxic if inhaled, and are especially dangerous if left where small children or pets may gain access. Furthermore, drain cleaning solutions can damage the pipes, and they most likely won’t dissolve all of the different types of blockage there may be in your drains. Many are capable of dissolving hair, for example, but will do nothing for the other debris in the pipes.

Drain augers and snakes vs. hydro jetting

Professionals have a couple of tools at their disposal when it comes to drain cleaning, none of which include these toxic chemicals. You may expect your plumber to show up with a drain snake, or drain auger. These may be electronic or hand-operated. The plumber feeds a wire into the pipe which then latches onto a clog and either pulls it out or breaks it up.

The problem is that these only remove large clogs and don’t target other problem areas throughout the plumbing system. A good drain cleaning session should be both effective and preventive. And with hydro jetting, you get just that. A thin hose inserted into the pipes blasts them with water, which takes care of any stuck-on grease, food, hair, debris, dirt, and buildup there may be.

Choose a company that uses the best in inspection equipment as well as hydro jets for drain cleaning in Roxborough, CO. Call Bell Home Solutions today.

Will a Whirlpool or Air Tub Fit into My Bathroom Design?

February 5th, 2015 by Gary Bell

Remodeling a bathroom involves a lot of tough decisions, but it’s worth it knowing that you may end up with the bathroom of your dreams. For some homeowners, a dream bathroom is simplistic, easy to use, accessible, and easy to clean. For others, the dream bathroom is complete with all of the luxuries of a five-star hotel. No matter what your vision for your bathroom consists of, a qualified remodeling contractor can help to make sure you meet your goals, provided you have the budget and the right amount of space.

Spa equipment has risen in popularity for bathroom remodels over the years, with homeowners adapting whirlpools and air tubs that were once reserved for hotels and spas right into their own home bathrooms. However, one of the key features of these tubs is that you can lounge around in it, which means they take up quite a bit of space. Unfortunately, not every home is suited for this type of installation unless the homeowner is willing to make some major renovations.

But with many bathroom remodels, a whirlpool or air tub is a possibility, given enough time and the right expertise. Installing a whirlpool tub involves installing a frame first, as your tub is only walled in in one or two areas. A contractor may decide to reinforce the floor as well. The technician may extend the plumbing and should make sure that there is a GFCI outlet available for the pump. The pump and the water piping are usually located on opposite sides of the tub. These steps involve a high level of difficulty, as well as tools and materials that a contractor should already have on hand.

One of the easiest ways to make sure that your new bathtub or shower fits into your new bathroom design is by calling an expert for remodeling services. Remodeling contractors can help you with every step of the process, from planning, to sizing, to delivery and installation of cabinets, pipes, sinks, faucets, fixtures, tubs, and shower doors. Contractors will double- and triple-check their work to make sure your new installation will fit in before it arrives.

Contact Bell Home Solutions or visit our showroom to speak with a professional about installations for bathroom remodels in Henderson, CO.

Why Can’t I Use Chemicals to Clean My Drains?

January 30th, 2015 by Gary Bell

Television commercials that feature clog removal with an over-the-counter drain cleaner make the process seem so simple: pour the liquid down the drain, wait a little bit, and poof! Your drain is clear. Unfortunately, this is not really how these types of cleaners work. The best way to ensure that you truly remove a clog safely and effectively is to call for a professional plumber. Professional plumbers, like the ones at Bell Home Solutions, have the training, the tools and the expertise to clean or unclog your drains, so call us today.

How Chemical Cleaners Work

Chemical drain cleaners are highly caustic, which means that the chemicals in the cleaner actually generate heat. The way these types of cleaners remove items in your drains is to dissolve them away; in a way, they chemical burn or oxidize the materials causing the clog. One of the major problems with this approach is that these chemicals can be so caustic that they also burn your piping. Plastic plumbing piping can actually melt from these kinds of drain cleaners and metal can corrode because the chemicals eat it. You may be wondering how this kind of damage can happen so quickly, which leads us to the second problem: these types of cleaners hang around in your plumbing for weeks or even months. Chemical drain cleaners are either thick liquids or gels that are designed to cling to your pipes in order to clean them, giving them the ability to hang around and work on your piping.

Chemical Drain Cleaners and Toilets

Chemical drain cleaners can be so adverse to your toilet that there are usually warnings on the bottles not to use them on a toilet clog. Here’s why: as mentioned above, the chemical cleaner is made to cling. As such, it will cling to your toilet’s bowl and eat away at the porcelain and the plumbing. Porcelain is fairly fragile and the caustic nature of the drain cleaner can cause cracking; additionally, the chemicals will also eat away at your toilet’s plumbing.

The bottom line: don’t use chemical drain cleaners to fix slow drains, clogged ones or handle toilet clogs. Instead, call Bell Home Solutions and schedule drain cleaning for your home in Sheridan.

What Is a Reverse Osmosis System?

January 29th, 2015 by Gary Bell

If you have concerns about your drinking water, you may want to consider a reverse osmosis water treatment system for your Aurora home. While the process sounds very high tech, it’s really quite simple, as long as the system is installed correctly. This is where Bell Home Solutions can help. Not only can we install your reverse osmosis system, we can help you maintain it over the years so you have the best drinking water possible. But first, let’s take a look at how the system works.

How RO Works

Osmosis is the process by which by which a fluid becomes isotonic – equal in both level and content after passing through a semi-permeable membrane. With osmosis, the fluid can flow easily back and forth so that the liquid can be equal on both sides of the membrane. Reverse osmosis is the opposite process. Instead of water flowing freely back and forth between the membrane, it is forced through; this process helps to separate the contaminants from the water. The end result is that pure, clean water resides on one side of the membrane and the contaminants stay on the other.

The RO Tank

One of the benefits of the reverse osmosis system is that the purified water is contained in a tank for use. The tank and system are installed under your kitchen sink and a thin, separate spigot is installed near your faucet so you can access the purified water separate from your faucet’s water. The tank contains sensors that allow it to refill when the water drops to a specific level.

Benefits of a Reverse Osmosis System

Here are some of the benefits a reverse osmosis system can offer you:

  • 99% contaminant-free water and ice
  • Odor-free water and ice
  • Doesn’t need any energy to filter the water
  • Doesn’t require a lot of maintenance
  • Is installed away from view

Having healthy drinking water can be just a touch away with a reverse osmosis system.

If you think this type of water treatment system will be a good fit for your Aurora home, call Bell Home Solutions today and schedule an appointment with one of our experts.