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Denver, CO Bathtubs and Showers from Bell Plumbing & Heating Company

Whirlpools and Air Tubs provide a relaxing massage from jets of water or air. These high quality products from the Denver remodeling experts at Bell Plumbing & Heating Company will provide a better sense of well–being, a good night’s sleep, good hygiene and more energy.

Relaxation is an important aspect of good health. It’s about energizing oneself for more vitality, harmony, and balance. In combination with exercise, a healthy diet, and adequate hydration, relaxation is one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you’re in the market for a new bathtub or shower, you should consider visiting our product showroom to see these amazing styles in person!

Browse through our collection of bathtubs and showers and let us help you select the unit most suited for your lifestyle and preference. After all, we are the Denver bathtub and shower experts.

Hydro Massage tubs, manufactured here in Aurora, Colorado, offer a reliable line invigorating soaker and jetted tubs. Check out the live displays in our showroom to determine what jet locations sooth your aching muscles.

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The power of BainUltra ThermoMasseur rests entirely in air injection – a science we have spent more than 25 years perfecting. Not only does it guarantee the best massage a bath can give, it provides amazing benefits in simple practicality.

The BainUltra ThermoMasseur is the most fully developed air jet bath on the market, the result of continuous research and development. Its ergonomic design guarantees total satisfaction as well as absolute peace of mind. Hydro–thermo massage has never been this good.

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Best Bath bathtubs, showers, ADA compliant units, barrier free shower units, remodel showers and walk in bathtubs are made using only the highest quality materials. All units come in a variety of colors and graphic designs can be customized! Walk–in bath tubs can be soakers, jetted or airtubs. Multi–piece showers and walk–in tubs fit easily into existing tub/shower space. Stay in your home with safe, comfortable bathing!

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Engineered marble is a stunning and cost–effective alternative to natural marble slabs and tiles. Engineered marble from Salita Showers is made from select marble aggregate (95%) and filler in a special polyester thermal set resin binder. Our engineered marble is available in a wide range of colors, popular in both residential and commercial environments.

Residential Advantages

As most designers, architects and residential consumers have come to know, natural marble is a beautiful and desirable product, yet its inherent instability and color variation make it difficult to incorporate into any project. Engineered marble bridges the gap between nature and technology by maintaining the look and feel of marble while eliminating many issues typically found with natural stone.

Engineered marble offers the residential consumer an affordable alternative to natural stone, while maintaining a greater level of color consistency and strength. Engineered marble makes it easy to match countertop slab material with floor tiles and mosaics offering uniformity to the finished space while providing the level of beauty and aesthetics only found in natural stone.

Commercial Advantages

Engineered marble is one of the most functional and practical building materials available in today’s market. The natural marble is mixed with thermoset polyester resin in a high–pressure environment. The resulting precast material is ideally suited to interior commercial environments such as flooring, wall cladding, transaction tops, bathroom dividers, vanity tops and even stair treads and risers.

In slab form, engineered marble delivers all the esthetics of natural stone while the polymer matrix allows the slab to be shipped, fabricated and installed in ways never before possible with certain delicate natural marble slabs. This combination of beauty and durability makes engineered marble a perfect choice for multiple unit fabrication of vanity tops and furniture in a variety of areas, including the hospitality and healthcare markets.

View Salita web site by clicking here.

Quality products for the kitchen and bath.

Swanstone classics have an authentic solid surface. Color and texture run all the way through and cannot wear away. These fixtures are virtually indestructible. Boiling water, hot pots and dropped kitchen objects will not harm them.

View Swan web site by clicking here.

Steamist. Refining the shower, redefining luxurious. The pleasures of steambathing appreciated for centuries, have never been easier to enjoy in your own home. Having your own personal steambath or sauna can help you sleep better and work better. Because above all, you’ll feel better.

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No other fixture in your bathroom broadcasts your personality than a glass shower enclosure. Shower enclosures can be boldly clear, modestly obscure, and anywhere in between. For more than 20 years Bell Plumbing & Heating Company has featured shower doors from the artisans of Denver Glass Interiors. Our showroom displays several complete shower door systems and glass designs, giving our customers the opportunity to see full size examples of their door as well as feeling their gliding motion.

Click here to view DGI’s web site

Whether they are the finishing touch in your brand new home or the highlight of the restoration project for a much–loved older home, these cast marble/granite bathroom fixtures by Marquis Marble will beautify your home with elegance. Versatile styles and a variety of colors blend into any home at an affordable price. Not often is such beauty so practical as cultured marble or granite. This name is applied to cast, manufactured marble created by combining catalyzed polyester resin with processed natural marble fillers and color pigments to achieve the distinctive marble veining appearance. Cultured granite’s appearance comes from the granules added to achieve the granite appearance in an array of colors. Both products feature a high gloss finish which is easy to clean, mildew and stain resistant.

View Marquis Marble web site by clicking here.

Founded in 1947, Florestone has been providing bath and shower solutions to homeowners for nearly 7 decades. A Florestone shower bases may be just what you need to improve the look and functionality of your shower. Florestone is devoted to making products meeting the requirement of The Americans with Disability Act, and this devotion is seen in the innovation.

View Florestone web site by clicking here.

With a grout–less, pre–sealed shower wall product from ForzaStone you can improve the look, feel and hygiene of the shower in your home. ForzaStone products are simple to install and you’ll have a hard time believing you are in the same shower following installation. Come by the Bell Plumbing & Heating Company showroom to see the ForzaStone products we have available.

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