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The Problems of Duct Breaches

A breach in your ducts, even a small one, can have devastating repercussions on your whole HVAC system. Leaking air forces your HVAC to work harder to warm or cool your home, increasing stress and raising your monthly bills in the bargain. The chances of a larger breakdown go up, and in the most extreme cases, it could even shorten the lifespan of your system.

That’s why we work swiftly to ensure that any duct leak in your Denver home is sealed swiftly and effectively. The Aeroseal process is a key part of that, and with the trained team at [(site_name)] on the job, you know that your ducts will be sealed the right way. Talk to us today about the process and make sure that irritating little leak never troubles you again!

The Aeroseal Process

The great thing about the Aeroseal process is that it takes a great deal of the guesswork out of the equation. Duct sealing can be a tricky business, not so much in sealing the breach itself, but in finding it and getting to it when it lies in some inconvenient part of the house. Ducts are usually hard to reach in general, and without highly trained technician, the operation can damage your Denver home far more than it should.

That’s why [(site_name)] proudly uses Aeroseal as a key part of our duct sealing service. Your vents are sealed off – forcing the air to leave the system through the leak alone – and Aeroseal introduced to the system as it runs. The particles stay suspended in the air as the system runs, but collide with the edge of the breach as they move out of it. They stick in place, sealing the breach as the air flows and solving the problem without having to reach any tricky spots in your ducts.

The Benefits Are Obvious

The benefits of the Aeroseal process take the guesswork out of the entire duct sealing operation, ensuring that the breach is closed off and won’t reappear again soon. It means your home can get back to normal as quickly as possible and that the operation doesn’t damage your walls or other parts of your home that need to be kept intact. Our trained technicians have the experience to perform the operation correctly, and we won’t rest until you’re satisfied with our work!

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