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Qualities of HVAC Contractors Worth Hiring

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

Taking good care of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) in your home is important both for your comfort and for your safety. When it comes to hiring a company that can handle such jobs as repairs for ductwork, installation of a furnace, or maintenance on an air conditioner, you want to make sure you hire the best contractor possible. Shoddy work on your HVAC systems can often be as bad as no work at all (amateur jobs often lead to safety issues, or at the least, further repairs in the near future), so set up a checklist of qualities that you want from the company you hire.

We’ll help you start that checklist. We think that’ll you will put Bell Home Solutions near the top of your choices for suitable HVAC contractors in Denver once you look at all the services we provide, and the experience and knowledge we put  behind those services.

A brief checklist of qualities to look for in an HVAC contractor

  • Many years in the business: Nothing will mark a contractor as an amateur or an inexperienced professional faster than a short track record. A company with at least of decade of work indicates both hands-on experience and the trust of customers and the community.
  • Properly licensed: This is what marks an amateur from a professional. An HVAC company in Colorado should have proper county or city licensing. You can request the information from them to see that their license is current, or check with the local jurisdiction.
  • NATE-certified technicians: The North American Trade Excellence (NATE) certification is the only training certification recognized by the entire HVAC industry. A contractor worth hiring should have NATE-certified technicians on staff to make sure you get the best work possible.
  • Offers a variety of services: A high-quality contractor should have a range of different services to offer beyond basic repairs. Look for a contractor who can handle different types of HVAC equipment, as well as repairs for ductwork and solutions for indoor air quality problems.
  • Ready to help 24/7: Malfunctions with your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning rarely happen when it’s convenient for you. You want a contractor on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to come to your rescue when that very inconvenient breakdown occurs

Bell Home Solutions had been in business since 1926… and our other credentials live up to our longevity: licensed, NATE-certified technicians, 24-hour emergency service. And we can take care of everything from ductwork to boilers. We also do plumbing and remodeling! For your first stop for HVAC contractors in Denver, CO, look to us.

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How to Find a Good HVAC Contractor

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

If you’re looking for an HVAC contractor, Denver has more than its share. Up here where the air is cold and thin, we need a functioning HVAC system to keep our homes cozy and comfortable. An HVAC contract is no less important than a mechanic of a doctor: fixing any problems that crop up so that you can enjoy your home the way you deserve to. But with a lot of choices out there, how can you tell who can do the job right?

Here’s some tips on how to find a good HVAC contractor.

  • Certification. All HVAC contractors should be certified as such by the city of Denver, indicating that they possess the knowledge and experience to properly handle your HVAC problems. Specifics vary depending on the type of license, but typically involve a set number of on-the-job hours and testing to match.
  • Experience. Going hand-in-hand with that is a need for your HVAC service to possess a goodly amount of experience. That isn’t to say that new businesses aren’t reliable – we all started out that way, after all – only that a business with lots of experience under its belt has proven itself so. Experienced services have treated a wide variety of problems and have built up a loyal customer base attest to their credentials. Along those lines, look for HVAC services which include testimonials on their website, as long as a lengthy period of operation. Do they have experience working with different types of air conditioners and heaters?
  • Versatility. Today’s heating and cooling needs are different from those of the past. A good HVAC service will keep up with changing trends and provide expert repairs on a wide variety of different systems.

Don’t waste any more time trying to hunt down a quality HVAC contractor because you’ve already found on. Bell Home Solutions has been family owned and operated since 1926, and we pride ourselves on doing the job right the first time, every time. All of our technicians are certified and we proudly feature testimonials from satisfied customers on our website. No matter what kind of HVAC unit you have, we’re here to help. Give us a call today!

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On Deciding When You Need an HVAC Technician

Friday, September 20th, 2013

Few experiences are as agonizing for a homeowner as calling a handyman for something that didn’t require professional service in the first place. In my two and a half decades of service to residential and commercial clients, I always feel like a bearer of bad news when I have to inform someone that the cause of their poor HVAC performance was due to the neglect of basic preventive maintenance, or issues simply remedied by effortless troubleshooting.

While I wouldn’t recommend that any individual engage in intensive repairs if they aren’t licensed and sufficiently trained, there are certain issues that you should avoid phoning a technician to solve. When you watch for these common A/C problems in your home, you might be able to avoid complications in the first place.


Here are a few different problems that can arise in your system that you can easily fix without the help of a professional

Lightning can cause outages with your AC system


You experienced HVAC failure during a lightning storm or power outage

Power surges present a danger to all electronics in your home, and this certainly doesn’t exclude the hardware in your HVAC system. Power surges pose a particular threat to the compressor in your condenser unit, and replacing this damage can set you back a few thousand dollars depending on your system’s needs.

While this damage can be costly, it isn’t always severe. Before deciding to call a technician to examine your system, turn off your thermostat, switch off your system’s power supply at your circuit breaker, and flip it back on. After waiting half an hour to allow it to properly reset, turn your thermostat back on – you may find that you no longer have any performance issues.


A fan keeping a dog cool



 You left your system on while away and returned to sudden performance issues

Whether because you have pets roaming the household or you simply forgot, we might leave our systems during particularly cold or warm seasons while away. While an inadvisable practice, we all do it from time to time. However, if you return home to discover that your system is no longer as powerful as it was when you left, your overworked system could have ended up severely damaged.

If you need to leave your system on for any extended period of time, it’s always prudent to closely inspect the state of your system. Condensation could indicate that your system is being overworked and cannot handle the humidity in your environment.  Weak performance could mean that it’s time to have some routine cleaning maintenance and inspections performed, such as filter replacement, coil cleaning, duct vacuuming, and more.

To prevent extended stays away from your thermostat from being an issue, investing in a programmable thermostat can spare your system a lot of effort and reduce your energy bills.

Other issues

If at any point you experience abnormalities in your HVAC system, the last course of action I’d recommend is simply ignoring it and hoping that it will pass. Strange sounds, moldy smells, or weaker airflow are all symptoms that something is seriously amiss in your system. With a little awareness, you can equip yourself to know when a technician is necessary. And remember, Bell Home Solutions is here for you when you need an HVAC technician to service your home.


Jason Wall is an HVAC technician with Griffith Energy Services. When he isn’t servicing clients in the field with their HVAC needs or connecting with other professionals online, he enjoys spending his time with his kids and catching baseball games.

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