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Employee of the Month – November 2011: Patrick Deasy

Friday, May 8th, 2015

It is with sincere appreciation that the management of Bell Plumbing & Heating Company has selected Patrick Deasy as our employee of the month for November, 2011.

Since Paul Ford has been out recovering from surgery, every member of the warehouse has stepped up to insure everything ran smoothly in his absence. Pat took this responsibility to its highest level. From his exceptional attitude to his ability to pick up the pace when we’re against the wall, Pat gives his all every day.

But Pat’s boundaries aren’t limited to just the warehouse. On any given night when his warehouse responsibilities are handled, Pat goes to the parts counter to help the lone employee and to learn all he can. Even when he’s busy in the warehouse, he responds to paged calls for assistance on the counter. At this time, he’s very capable of helping most customers with their parts needs. But his desire to help our customers doesn’t stop there – Pat also takes service calls (the only warehouse receiver ever to do so).

For these reasons we are happy to honor Patrick Deasy as Bell Plumbing & Heating Company’s Employee of the Month for November, 2011.

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Employee of the Month – March 2014: Crystal Paulson

Monday, March 31st, 2014

It is with sincere appreciation that the management of Bell Plumbing & Heating Company has selected Crystal Paulson as our employee of the month for March, 2014.

Crystal was hired on January 6, 2014. She had no previous experience in the plumbing industry, but has become a ROCK STAR at Bell.

During her job interview, Crystal was able to concisely describe how her prior experience would relate to becoming a CSR at Bell demonstrating her self-confidence!

Crystal has picked up the plumbing lingo very quickly and handles each service call efficiently. She is very adept at listening to our customers to capture the correct information to get our technicians dispatched with the information they need. She has a very calm way of dealing with customers even when they are excitedly explaining how their pipes froze and water is creating a swimming pool in the kitchen. Crystal demonstrates her abilities by helping to train others in the art of taking service calls and updating materials to make the process easier. She has also become a billing machine setting her sights on conquering the endless work order flow and creating personal goals for job self-satisfaction.

On top of that, Crystal is a very pleasant person to work with!

For these reasons, we are proud to name Crystal Paulson as Bell Plumbing & Heating Company’s March, 2014 Employee of the Month.

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