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Are Chemical Feed Pumps Right for My Home?

Residential water in the Denver area comes from many different sources. When it arrives at your home, it may be acceptable for bathing, washing, and watering your lawn, but is it pure enough to drink? And even if it’s safe to drink, are you and your family missing out on the experience of tasting clean, fresh water, with no chemical odor or aftertaste.

If you like to cook, you know that just about every meal you prepare requires water at some point. If the water from your tap tastes odd or has a chemical odor, imagine how it’s affecting the taste of your food. Call a professional water treatment specialist if you experience any of these issues. This is the best way to know for sure whether or not a chemical feed pump is the right water filtration choice for your particular needs.

Chemical Feed Pump Installation

Most chemical feed pumps in the Denver area are designed as whole-house systems, meaning that they treat all the water coming into your home before it gets distributed to the sinks, showers, and other appliances. That’s important because many of the contaminants removed by chemical feed pumps can damage plumbing lines as well as affect the water’s odor and taste.

The technicians at Bell Home Solutions will not only install the chemical feed pump system and make sure it’s working correctly, but they’ll check the plumbing lines and other connections for leaks and problems. Installing the system will require that the water supply be briefly turned off. Our service team will schedule an installation time that’s convenient for you and your family.

Chemical Feed Pump Maintenance

Once your new feed pump system is operational, Bell Home Solutions will set up a schedule for routinely checking the system of proper function. Depending on the type of system we install, there may be some minor servicing tasks to be performed by the homeowner. Our technician will explain how to service the unit and answer any questions you have.

Regular inspection and maintenance of any chemical feed pump system is very important. The chemicals used for treating the water are safe, but if the system isn’t functioning properly it could mean that the water isn’t being completely treated and cleaned.

The Denver water treatment specialists at Bell Home Solutions can help you with all your water treatment needs! Contact Bell Home Solutions today!

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