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Causes of Bathroom Plumbing Clogs

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

bathroom-plumbing-clogsBathroom clogs are among the most common problems affecting your plumbing systems, and most people try to deal with them with a traditional store-bought cleanser. This can be a big mistake. Cleansers and tools like snakes usually adopt a one-size-fits-all take on the problem, which can only partially solve the issue at best.

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Some Common Causes of Drain Clogs in Bathrooms

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Clogs in any sink in the house are one of the most common and aggravating of residential plumbing issues. Fortunately, a simple sink plunger will eliminate most of the basic types of clogs and restore the flow of water. But sometimes clogs will develop inside sinks—particularly the ones in bathrooms and the kitchen—that won’t respond to the action of a plunger. These call for the assistance of a professional plumber. (Do not use chemical drain cleaners; the acid in them can severely damage the pipes, and they are also highly toxic.)

Below are some of the common reasons that bathrooms drains—sinks, showers, bathtubs—become clogged. To call for the drain cleaning in Parker, CO and the surrounding areas that will safely and thoroughly eliminate such clogs, look to the many years of experience at Bell Home Solutions.

3 common reasons for bathroom sink clogs

  • Hair: It is hard to avoid hair going down the drains in sinks and showers, although you can help reduce this using a drain cover. Hair will easily catch down in the sludge that often coats the sides of the drain pipe, especially in the p-trap (the u-shaped curved section of pipe directly under a sink), and soon this accumulation will turn into a thick snarl that will block the drain entirely—and won’t respond to a plunger. Professional plumbers will use motorized drain snakes to take care of these types of clogs.
  • Soap scum: Soap is another item that is difficult to prevent from entering a bathroom drain. Soap leaves a residue—soap scum—along the interior of pipes over time. Soap scum poses a double threat to your plumbing: it can accrue to the point of causing a slow or blocked drain, and it can create an acidic chemical that will damage the pipes. Plumbers will use hydro-jetters that blast high-pressure water along the interior of the pipes to eliminate soap scum thoroughly.
  • Small objects: Bathroom sinks and the ledges of showers and bathtubs often hold numerous small objects that can easily topple over and become lodged inside a drainpipe. The caps from bottles are one of the most frequent offenders. Tissue and other paper can also go down the sink and lead to blockages. Sometime you might even lose a valuable item down the drain. In all cases, call on a plumber to unclog the drain (and retrieve the object, if necessary), which will sometimes involve unscrewing the pipes.

Preventive drain cleaning using hydro-jetters will give you “like-new” drainpipes and fewer hassles from slow drains and clogs in the future.

If clogs have become a frequent occurrence in your bathroom plumbing, schedule a complete drain cleaning in Parker, CO from the professionals at Bell Home Solutions.

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What Are the Best Rooms in a House to Remodel?

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

When it comes to remodeling parts of your home, you have many options. As you consider what rooms you may wish to remodel, you will balance out design, function, and potential added value to make the choice about where you wish to invest your money.

We can’t provide you with a direct answer to the question, “What rooms should I remodel in my home?” because we don’t know the specifics of your home—at least, not yet. However, we have some general advice on which room remodeling projects can enhance a home significantly, deliver better living and energy savings, and provide a return on the investment should you choose to sell your home later.

A remodel is only as worthwhile as the remodelers who do it, so be sure you hire the comprehensive Parker, CO remodeling team at Bell Home Solutions to handle the job.

Kitchen remodeling

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms for remodeling, and for very good reasons. Kitchens tend to be near the center of a home and are an important place for family life. When a kitchen is upgraded, it is like an upgrade for the whole interior of a home. Kitchens also contain numerous appliances and fixtures, so remodeling one will significantly increase its convenience and make it a more efficient and work-friendly location. With the great variety of countertops and cabinets available for kitchens, they are a fantastic place for homeowners to express their personal sense of style.

Bathroom remodeling

“Bathroom” might not be the first idea off the top of your head with thinking of beautifying your home, but consider that this is likely the room where you start and end your day. It’s a tremendous benefit to your daily life to make this room attractive and easy to use, instead of a drab eyesore where your have fumble around every morning and evening. Like kitchens, bathrooms are a place where you have opportunities to upgrade fixtures and add luxury items (towel warming racks, whirlpool tubs, etc.) that will make life more pleasurable. The amount of water that bathrooms use on a daily basis also makes them effective places for improving water use with low-flow fixtures, and to improve aging plumbing.

Rely on full-service remodelers

Whether you decide on bathroom or kitchen remodeling in Parker, CO, you need to have a contractor who handles the entire process: design, construction, plumbing, electrical, etc. That way you won’t have to worry about miscommunications and delays between different parties; the work will go smoothly and you will end up with the new room you envisioned.

Bell Home Solutions offers complete remodeling services, including a showroom where you can pick the fixtures that match your new design ideas. Come see for yourself.

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Should I Repair or Replace My Malfunctioning Thermostat?

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

The question of whether to repair or replace a component of your air conditioning system is one that we hear often at Bell Home Solutions. Just as with other parts of your air conditioner, deciding whether to replace or repair your thermostat in Parker requires you to take into account several factors.

Reasons to Consider Replacing Your Thermostat

  • Repeated malfunctions – does your thermostat need a lot of repairs to keep working? A malfunctioning thermostat can cause a number of different problems with your air conditioner, including short-cycling.
  • Age – is your thermostat more than 10 years old? Thermostats have come a long way over the last decade, and you may be missing out the benefits a new thermostat can offer you and your home.
  • Precision – dial and slide thermostats tend to be off by 2-3 degrees because of imprecise face configurations. They also need calibrating, which, when inaccurate, can affect how the entire thermostat functions and impact your cooling and efficiency.

Benefits of a New Thermostat

  • Better energy efficiency – the precision for temperature-setting that comes with a digital thermostat improves overall energy efficiency, which can save you money in your monthly utility bills.
  • Better comfort – as mentioned previously, dial and slide thermostats can be off by 2-3 degrees. With the precision of a digital thermostat, the temperature you set is exact, which can increase your comfort level.
  • Easier to use – the face of a digital thermostat is easily read and the buttons are intuitive, making them easy to use.
  • Convenient – a programmable thermostat allows you to program for 7-day cycles that loop. You can set temperatures according to occupancy and times of day (such as day and night), removing the need to constantly change it yourself.

Is It Time to Replace Your Thermostat?

As the homeowner, you know best if it’s time to replace or repair your thermostat. Bell Home Solutions has helped customers in Parker with their thermostat repair since 1926.

If you think it may be time to upgrade your thermostat, call us today and schedule an appointment with one of our thermostat installation experts.

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Aeroseal Technology and Duct Sealing in Parker, CO

Friday, June 6th, 2014

If you use a forced-air heater or air conditioner (furnaces, standard central ACs or heat pumps), then you depend heavily on the airtight seal along the ventilation system to maintain internal air pressure. Ductwork that develops leaks from breaks, gaps, or corrosion will allow air to escape and drop the air pressure, which will negatively affect your heating and cooling. It will also lead to an infiltration of dust and dirt and other less welcome contaminants into the ductwork, which can damage your HVAC system and also lower your indoor air quality.

But don’t reach for the duct tape! (It isn’t for ducts, anyway.) This work needs the expertise and equipment of professional duct repair technicians. At Bell Home Solutions, we use the special Aeroseal Process to handle the important job of duct sealing in Parker, CO. Call us to see this amazing technology put to work for you.

What is Aeroseal Technology?

Essentially, Aeroseal takes care of ducts by sealing them from the inside. The technology was developed at Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory as part of the Indoor Environmental Program. Aeroseal now holds exclusive license to the technology.

The way the technology works is that technicians measure leaks from the ductwork and pressurize the escaping air. They seal off all the registers into the rooms with foam, cut an access hole into the return air plenum and attach the Aeroseal injection machine using a plastic tube. The machine sends polymer particles into the ducts, and they stick to the pressurized areas around the edges of any leaks. The polymer flakes stick to each other until the leak is sealed off, and they do not coat the rest of the interior of the ducts. A computer-generated analysis checks on air leakage to see that the process was a success.

Aeroseal is fast and takea care of all ductwork leaks in your ventilation system at one time, even the ones undiscovered yet.

Have your ventilation system shored up

You may have leaky ducts right now and now know it. Contact Bell Home Solutions today and let our indoor air quality specialists discover if you will benefit from the amazing Aeroseal technology.

Trust us to manage the duct sealing in Parker, CO that will protect your indoor air quality and your HVAC system for many years. Request a free estimate today!

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How to Prevent Backflow in Your Plumbing

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Backflow in your plumbing is a serious problem that thankfully can be prevented with proper maintenance and care.  It occurs when the flow of water in your home reverses. This usually occurs because the pressure in the system is altered, either increased further down the system or decreased somewhere within the home itself. It’s a serious problem because it can introduce contaminated water in your drinking or bathing water. That’s the bad news. The good news is that, here in Parker, plumbing services can install devices to help prevent the problem from affecting you: protecting your family and home in the event of a backflow problem. Here’s how to prevent backflow in your plumbing.

Plumbing Backflow Prevention

A good plumber can install a backflow prevention device to help address the danger. The simplest of them use air to serve as a cushion against backflow. Air gaps usually need to appear at the end of a pipe in order to be effective. A more complete device is referred to as a reduced pressure principle backflow preventer or RPBP. It consists of a central chamber with two valves on either side. The valves will close when the pressure is off, preventing the water from backing up. Vacuum breakers operate on a similar principle, closing a valve when water pressure pushes too far in the wrong direction.

Of course, one of the simplest ways to prevent backflow is using a barometric loop: a section of pipe shapes like an inverted U paced “upstream” from a cross connecting pipe. It works so long as there’s no backpressure involved and can be a lifesaver in many cases.

For more on how to prevent backflow in your plumber or to schedule a consultation service, contact the experts at Bell Home Solutions. We operate throughout Parker, plumbing issues of all types are a central part of our operation, and we can help make sure that backflow problems never harm your family or plumbing system.

We pride ourselves on making our customers happy, and we can deliver on our promises the first time, every time. Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do!

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What to Look for in a Remodeling Company

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Here in Parker, bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling are common goals of many homeowners. Not only does a remodeling project help fix potential flaws in the design of these important areas, but they can bring the space more into line with your own ideas of a perfect home, as well as adding new amenities like a second sink or an island for your stovetop. But that won’t happen without a good company to help: one that knows how to deliver on your vision without ignoring the practical realities of space and budgeting.

 If you live in Parker, bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling projects are our specialty. So give us a call today and let us show you what we can do!

What to look for in a remodeling company

  • Credentials. There are plenty of objective, third-party organizations that can attest to the quality of a home contractor. They include the Better Business Bureau, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the local Chamber of Commerce. A company with these kinds of affiliations tends to be one you can rely on.
  • Longevity. Companies that have just started out can certainly be good – we all started somewhere after all – but generally speaking, the longer a given company has been in business, the better and more reliable their service will be.
  • Clear communication. The most important aspect to look for in a remodeling company is clear and direct communication, both during the process and in the planning stages. The company needs to tell you what factors are in play for each part of the remodeling process, and to show you both the limits in terms of space and budget, and the possibilities that you might not have considered. When problems arise during the building process, they need to tell you what the problem is and how it will impact the project overall.

If you know what to look for in a remodeling company, the next step is to call the experts at Bell Home Solutions. We have been in business since 1926, we’re fully accredited by the BBB, the NARI and numerous other reputable groups, and we pride ourselves on our clarity and communication skills.

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Where to Spend Your Money on a Kitchen Remodeling Project

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

If you have recently decided to breathe some new life into your home through transforming your kitchen to a brighter, more up-to-date place, then you have probably set aside a budget for the project. The big question is how best to allocate your available funds to where they will do the most good.

This is where hiring a contractor with many years of experience and who offers a variety of services will make your life much easier. The right remodeling service for your kitchen remodeling plans will help you find the place where you need to focus your time and money so you’ll end up with the exact kitchen you’ve envisioned. It may come down to some hard choices, but with assistance you will most likely make the right choice.

Here are some general tips about spending remodeling money, courtesy of our staff at Bell Home Solutions.

Here’s Some Places to Invest Your Remodeling Budget

  • Pipe replacement: This sounds mundane. But it’s a place where you can save money and free up your kitchen design. If you have older plumbing or have encountered numerous repair needs, take the opportunity when the pipes are exposed to have a plumber replace them. It’s an excellent investment, since new copper or PEX pipes will last 50 years or more. Your contractor should help out making the choice as to whether pipe replacement is a good idea.
  • New faucets and fixtures: Faucets are small parts of a kitchen but they are 1) crucial for it to work, and 2) key points in the design. It’s amazing how much new and attractive faucets on sinks can enhance the look of a kitchen. They can make it a more efficient and effective place too, with better water flow and water pressure. This is a smaller investment than some improvements, but can mean as much as all the other new components.
  • New countertops: Now here’s one of the bigger enhancements (compared to faucets) that can make a remarkable difference. The right material and color countertop added to the kitchen’s design will elevate the fresh feeling of the new construction. Adding in new countertops is often an arduous process when done on its own, but as part of a redesign it becomes far easier. Ask your kitchen designer if he or she can do a custom cut of the material that will work best for you.

Let The Designer Help You

Make sure that you hire a contractor who handles different services so he or she can help you find the places where you should target your budget to get the most from the remodel. In Parker, CO, kitchen remodeling from Bell Home Solutions will give you many options: we have our own showroom where you can examine your choices and decide where you want to invest your money. With many decades of experience, we are one of your best choices for kitchen remodeling.

Call Bell Home Solutions today and let us help you get started with your next kitchen remodeling project in Parker, CO.

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3 Advantages of Using a Sump Pump

Friday, January 31st, 2014

A sump pump is a pump designed to remove water build-up from basements and crawlspaces and safely deposit it through the waste water system of a house. The operation of a sump pump is relatively simple, although their installation is more complicated.

Do you need a sump pump? We’ll list three of the advantages of having one to help you make that choice. For answers to more questions, as well as to schedule installation, call the Parker plumbing experts with over eighty years of experience: Bell Home Solutions.

3 ways a sump pump benefits you

  • Prevent flooding damage: Although sump pumps will assist you with preventing problems that the gradual build-up of water in a basement can cause, they really show their usefulness when dealing with large-scale flooding. When heavy rains trigger a flood of water into your basement, you can quickly have 15 inches of flood water covering the floor and damaging almost everything inside, which can be especially devastating if you store valuable items in the basement. With a working sump pump, this disaster can be averted easily.
  • Reduce threat of mold and mildew: Continual dampness inside a basement from water in stagnant pools will contribute to the growth of mold and mildew. Not only are these both damaging to building material, but they are health problems as well. A sump pump keeping a basement dry will keep mold and mildew from getting a hold.
  • Reduce the risk of fire: At first, this may sound like a strange advantage for a system that is supposed to prevent the rise of water. But flooding is one of the key causes of electrical fires to start in your home. The water will short-circuit the appliances in the basement, such as laundry machines, water heaters, and heating systems. So, aside from ruining these valuable appliances, water can also create a fire danger. A sump pump will keep the water from threatening equipment that could trigger household fires.

Sump pump installation

Sump pumps are useful for any home where there is a high water table. Water will start to enter your basement and cause damage and promote mildew. You will need to contact a professional plumber to install a sump pump, since the unit must hook up correctly to a drainage system. There is also more than one type of sump pump, so trust to the professionals to pick the right one for your pumping needs.

Bell Home Solutions can take care of choosing and installing your sump pump. We handle all kinds of plumbing in Parker, CO, and have 87 years of experience backing us up. Make us your first call for sump pump installation.



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Tips on Updating Your Heating System in Denver

Monday, October 1st, 2012

While purchasing a new furnace is the surest way to boost the energy efficiency of your Denver HVAC system and lower your heating costs, it’s not the only thing you can do. If it’s not time for a new heating system yet, but you’d still like to take steps to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient, here are a few things to consider.

Programmable Thermostats

One of the easiest and most effective ways to boost the performance and energy efficiency of your heating system is with the addition of a programmable thermostat. These systems allow you to set different temperatures for different days and times of day, making it possible for you to have your heat automatically switch on when you need it and off when you don’t.

Zone Control

A zone control system allows you to divide your home into distinct areas that have their own independent climate controls. This means you can have the heat on in the living room during the day but not in the upstairs bedrooms, and vice versa at night. You can also keep the heat at a different level in the kitchen, where you’re likely to be producing some heat from cooking, and in the living room, where you usually pursue more sedentary activities.

As with the addition of programmable thermostats, the added control that zone control systems gives you allows you to maintain the same comfort level in your home but use less energy in the process. And that means lower utility bills for you month after month. Zone control systems can be integrated into most heating systems relatively easily, or they can be added on as part of a new heating system installation project.

New Air Filters

The air filters on your heating system keep contaminants out of your indoor air. But when they become clogged with these particles, they make it harder for your heating system to circulate heated air. Replacing and updating these filters will improve the overall efficiency of your Denver heating system and result in higher indoor air quality throughout your home.

For any heating upgrades or repairs you need in the Denver area, give Bell Home Solutions a call!

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