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Indoor Radiant Heating Systems in Denver, CO

Most people, when they think of a heating system, think of a forced-air system such as a gas furnace or a heat pump. While those are perfectly valid and effective ways to keep a home heated, they are not the only option. It’s important that you take a look at the entire field to find the heating system that’s best for your needs. That is why Bell Home Solutions offers comprehensive radiant heating system services throughout Denver, CO. If you need a radiant heating system installed, repaired, maintained, or replaced, we can help you out. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our heating experts.

What Is Radiant Heating?

Radiant heating is a method of home heating that relies on transmitting thermal energy directly instead of using air to circulate it. There are two main types of radiant heating: electric and hydronic. Both operate on similar principles, they just use different methods to do it. An electric radiant heating system runs an electrical current through heating elements installed under the floors throughout the home. Heat from the elements radiates up through the floor and into the room, evenly heating it for hours with relatively little energy expenditure. Hydronic radiant heating is much the same, but it uses a boiler and water pipes instead of a generator and heating elements.

Advantages of Radiant Heating in Denver

Radiant heating offers many different advantages, namely energy efficiency and comfort. Warm air from a furnace or heat pump will rise to the ceiling of a room and sink as it cools. This often creates uncomfortable hot and cold spots throughout the house. Radiant heating keeps all of its heat near the floor of the room, where it does the most good. Water also makes a much better thermal medium than air does. It absorbs more heat and retains it for longer, which means you can warm your home using less energy for longer periods of time.

Radiant heating systems also don’t have to worry about duct leaks, which are rampant among traditional forced–air heating systems. The U.S. Department of Energy has estimated that the average forced–air system loses as much as 30% of its total output to duct leaks. That’s nearly a third of the total output from the system that ends up going to waste. Radiant heating systems don’t use ducts, which means they retain all of that output.

Warmup Radiant Heating

Bell Home Solutions is an Authorized Installer of Warmup products. Warmup radiant heating is a specific kind of heating solution designed to fit your needs. It offers both electric and hydronic solutions, from installation through repair, maintenance, and replacement. No matter what your heating requirements are, Bell and Warmup have a solution for you. Whether you want to heat your bathroom, kitchen, living room, or every room in your house, we can take care of it. Radiant heating could be the perfect solution to keeping your home comfortable this winter, while saving you money at the same time. Call today to speak to one of our experts and schedule an appointment. We can take care of all your indoor radiant heating needs and even outdoor radiant heating.

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