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Denver Rheem Furnaces from Bell Home Solutions

At Bell Home Solutions, we want to make sure you get the most efficient furnace for your Denver area home. We offer a wide selection of Rheem gas furnaces so that you have many options to choose from. We stand behind Rheem’s line of high–efficiency gas furnaces because of the level of quality, durability, and innovation that make Rheem furnaces some of the best models on the market.

Our qualified technicians specialize in Rheem furnace installation, and we take pride in our workmanship and industry knowledge. Once you’ve chosen the gas furnace model you want to install, our technicians can install and maintain your new furnace for the life of the system. Our superior maintenance services help to ensure that your Rheem furnace will continue to heat your home as efficiently as possible for many years.

If you’d like to know more about Rheem gas furnaces, we’ve included some product information from the manufacturer on this page. Feel free to call us if you have further questions.

Why Choose a Rheem Gas Furnace for Your Denver, CO Home?

Rheem is leading the industry with its high standards and energy–efficient products. Rheem covers a wide range of home comfort applications, including hybrid water heaters, tankless water heaters, hydronic and geothermal systems, and indoor air quality accessories. All of Rheem’s HVAC products meet or exceed the industry standards for quality, reliability, efficiency, and green energy.

From design to assembly, each phase in the manufacturing process is closely monitored and measured to ensure the highest quality and durability. In addition, Rheem products are routinely tested and certified by various government and third–party labs to ensure that these products meet the highest industry standards. In fact, Consumer Reports listed Rheem #1 in customer satisfaction in the most recent rankings.

Rheem is also known for their outstanding customer support and extensive warranties. The support staff at Rheem is dedicated to providing timely and knowledgeable advice and support. Customers can rely on Rheem Customer Support for the latest product information and warranty details. Many HVAC and plumbing contractors also rely on Rheem for technical assistance and information about advancements in product technology.

Rheem Furnace Energy Efficiency

A new furnace’s efficiency is determined by what is known as the AFUE rating, which is the percentage of fuel that the furnace converts into heat. All new furnace models should have an AFUE rating of at least 80%, but if you aren’t sure where to locate the AFUE number, just look for an ENERGY STAR label. Gas furnaces are typically the most efficient furnaces on the market because natural gas is cheaper and cleaner. Call us any time to help you decide whether or not a new Rheem gas furnace is the best choice for your heating needs.

High Efficiency Rheem Furnaces

When you choose Bell Home Solutions, you know that you can count on us to provide quality products and excellent service. We sell and install only the most efficient products, and our friendly experts are dedicated to providing the best customer service in the Denver metro area. If you want to know more about how we are leading the industry with our commitment to green energy, call us today. We can answer all your questions and get you started on choosing the most cost–efficient Rheem furnace for your home.

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