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Offering plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical and remodeling services to the Denver Metro area

Locally owned and operated since 1926


24 Hour

Here’s the step—by—step process we follow that will ensure you have the new bathroom that you want:

  1. Start off by contacting our bathroom remodelers or paying a personal visit to our extensive showroom. Our interior designers will also provide you with a complementary one–hour bathroom design consultation.
  2. After this, a remodel administrative assistant will contact you to schedule a free in–home estimate, and will serve as your guide throughout the process from this point forward.
  3. An estimator or designer visits your home to perform the following:
    • Explain the complete remodeling process in detail.
    • Develop a sense of your home’s overall design and make initial room measurements.
    • Discuss the scope of the project with you, including the budget they envision for it, and listen closely to your requirements.
    • Explain any home mechanical issues.
    • Show product samples, such as sinks, cabinets, and bath tubs, either in person at our product showroom or using images on an iPad.
    • Present ideas for bathroom design and function.
  4. After returning to the office, the estimator or designer handles any necessary product research.
  5. Based on in–home measurements and discussions regarding the planned bathroom remodel, the estimator issues a budgetary estimate.
  6. You sign the estimate and remit a down payment.
  7. The estimator presents prepared job instructions and a list of milestone dates to the remodel production department.
  8. At our showroom, you can pick out the bathroom products you want for the remodel, as well as receive any additional design assistance you may need.
  9. We order the products you want, and then issue a tentative schedule (based on the product arriving in a timely manner).
  10. Receive a letter introducing you to the key points of contact you’ll be dealing with and further describing the bathroom remodeling process. At this point, your main contact will shift from the estimator to the remodel production manager.
  11. We take care of acquiring all the applicable permits.
  12. Through weekly calls, the remodel production manager will keep you up–to–date on product arrivals.
  13. Once we have received all the products, the remodel production manager drafts a firm schedule.
  14. A week prior to beginning the bath room remodel work, you will have a pre–construction meeting with the estimator/designer and the production manager at the job site.
  15. Products are delivered to your home.
  16. The installation crews create work areas around the home.
    • For your safety, all of our employees receive background checks and submit to random drug tests.
    • With the exception of the glass and granite installers, all workers in your home are employees of Bell Home Solutions. The glass and granite fabricators install their own products, since it is best to handle this material only once due to its weight and fragile nature.
    • The workers lay down drop cloths in trafficked areas and install plastic sheeting to help keep construction debris from entering other parts of your home.
  17. The bathroom remodel process now moves through a series of stages: demolition, rough in, product installation, and finish work. Proper jurisdiction inspections are done throughout these stages too.
  18. Upon completion of your new bathroom, we will provide you with hands–on instructions on how to operate any special equipment we have installed, such as heated floor thermostats, tubs with water jets, etc.
  19. We send out the final invoice, along with "thank you" cards and customer satisfaction surveys.