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Aeroseal Technology and Duct Sealing in Parker, CO

If you use a forced-air heater or air conditioner (furnaces, standard central ACs or heat pumps), then you depend heavily on the airtight seal along the ventilation system to maintain internal air pressure. Ductwork that develops leaks from breaks, gaps, or corrosion will allow air to escape and drop the air pressure, which will negatively affect your heating and cooling. It will also lead to an infiltration of dust and dirt and other less welcome contaminants into the ductwork, which can damage your HVAC system and also lower your indoor air quality.

But don’t reach for the duct tape! (It isn’t for ducts, anyway.) This work needs the expertise and equipment of professional duct repair technicians. At Bell Home Solutions, we use the special Aeroseal Process to handle the important job of duct sealing in Parker, CO. Call us to see this amazing technology put to work for you.

What is Aeroseal Technology?

Essentially, Aeroseal takes care of ducts by sealing them from the inside. The technology was developed at Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory as part of the Indoor Environmental Program. Aeroseal now holds exclusive license to the technology.

The way the technology works is that technicians measure leaks from the ductwork and pressurize the escaping air. They seal off all the registers into the rooms with foam, cut an access hole into the return air plenum and attach the Aeroseal injection machine using a plastic tube. The machine sends polymer particles into the ducts, and they stick to the pressurized areas around the edges of any leaks. The polymer flakes stick to each other until the leak is sealed off, and they do not coat the rest of the interior of the ducts. A computer-generated analysis checks on air leakage to see that the process was a success.

Aeroseal is fast and takea care of all ductwork leaks in your ventilation system at one time, even the ones undiscovered yet.

Have your ventilation system shored up

You may have leaky ducts right now and now know it. Contact Bell Home Solutions today and let our indoor air quality specialists discover if you will benefit from the amazing Aeroseal technology.

Trust us to manage the duct sealing in Parker, CO that will protect your indoor air quality and your HVAC system for many years. Request a free estimate today!

Bell Home Solutions

Aeroseal Technology and Duct Sealing in Parker, CO

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