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We Provide Surge Protection Services Along The Denver Area

Considering just how ubiquitous electricity (as well as electronics) is to our daily domestic and occupational lives, it’s worth bearing in mind its dangers as well.

Despite the innovations in safety and control, electricity remains dangerous, and it is not something to be trifled with.

Indeed, our homes and businesses are still prone to surges in electrical voltage that can lead to damage to sensitive electronic equipment as well as our appliances.

While you have no doubt heard of or, more likely, used portable power strips to protect against surges, they are hardly sufficient.

If you want to make sure that your home is truly protected, then you need to consider whole house surge protection devices.

As a leading provider of electrical products and services near the Denver, CO area, you can rely on our team of expert electricians to take care of just about anything, including the installation of surge protection equipment within your electrical system, as well as troubleshooting your existing surge protector.

Our Denver electricians have the technical expertise, knowledge and skills to ensure that your electrical system is protected for years to come.

Let us find a solution for you.

Call Bell Home Solutions today for exceptional surge protection services throughout the Denver, CO area.

What is Whole House Surge Protection?

At any electronics store, you can find a power strip that promises to protect your plugged–in equipment. The protection rating is measured in joules, and they are often recommended for sensitive electronic equipment such as computers and stereos; and not without good reason, of course.

But the whole house approach to surge protection is quite different.

Instead of focusing on protecting individual outlets within the home, it protects your entire electrical system.

The whole house surge protector is installed at your electrical panel so that every circuit is protected from both external surges coming from the utility line and internal, micro–surges that occur when one circuit draws heavily from the power supply (turning on a vacuum or blender is a good example).

While nothing can prevent the damage done by a nearby lightning strike, whole house surge protection offers the best way to protect your home from more common electrical surges.

The Importance of Protecting Your Electrical System

While portable power strips are effective in some cases, they simply cannot compare to our surge protection units.

For one, power strips can only provide coverage for a single outlet. Even if you made the effort to go out and buy a power strip for every outlet in the home, there would still be the problem of major appliances, some of which are hard–wired directly into the breaker box, not to mention those that are incompatible with the strips.

Moreover, whole house surge protection offers much greater protection ratings.

If you want to protect your electrical system, sensitive electronics and appliances, then a whole house surge protection unit is, without question, best to use.

For Surge Protection Services near Denver, CO, Call Bell Home Solutions Today

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