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Denver Water Treatment System Installation

If you have decided that a water treatment system is a good fit for your Denver home, the first step is to choose a system that fits your particular needs and have it installed by a professional in your area.

That means having your water supply tested and then selecting specific components to clean your water.

Bell Home Solutions has been providing services to homeowners in the Denver metro area for more than 91 years and can help you select the perfect water treatment solution for your home.

We also offer full installation services for all major types of water treatment systems.

Do You Need a Water Treatment System Installation Expert in Denver, CO?

Before installation, you must select a system that fits the specific needs of your Denver home.

The first step then is to perform testing on your home’s water supply and determine what you need to treat.

Not every home has hard water or high pH levels.If yours does not, you won’t need the softening cartridges that we recommend for those homes that do.

By testing the water supply we can ensure your water is perfect for your home.

Some common options for a water treatment system installation in a Denver home include general filtration with a carbon filter to remove minerals and other impurities, reverse osmosis to remove chemicals and smaller contaminants, and cartridges to target specific problems like water hardness, acidity, and high levels of nitrates, arsenic and sulfur from ground water.

The Water Treatment System Installation Process

Once we have selected a water treatment system for your Denver home, we will install it for you.

The installation process can be performed in a single day but requires that your water be turned off for many hours during that day, so it should be scheduled accordingly.

Once the new water treatment system is installed, we will test the water multiple times, including in follow–up visits, to ensure it is being treated properly.

It is important that the system is properly calibrated so as not to over soften the water. Depending on what has been installed in your system, you’ll need to have this checked once or twice a year.

Whatever your needs, know that our Denver water treatment installation experts are here for you.

We can test your water, help you select a new water treatment system and then install it for you so you have clean, contaminant free water you can rely on for years to come.

Call us today to learn more about our full line of water treatment systems and the installation services we offer.

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