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Denver, CO Water Treatment System Repair by Bell Home Solutions

Once you’ve installed a new water treatment system in your home, it’s important that it continues to work as it did on day one.

If a problem occurs or starts to develop in such a way that you no longer have clean drinking water, you should call for Denver water treatment system repair right away.

For all your Denver water treatment system repair needs, call Bell Home Solutions today.

We can provide you with expert service to ensure your system is in good working order and to keep you and your family comfortable and healthy.

Signs that You Need a Water Treatment System Repair Service

There are a number of signs that your water treatment system isn’t working as it should in Denver.

The most obvious signs are that your water tastes or smells as it did before the system was installed.

If there a rotten egg odor to your water as a result of hydrogen dioxide gas or if it tastes strongly of chlorine, the reverse osmosis filter may not be working properly.

Other issues may include high levels of minerals like iron, calcium and magnesium which can build up on the walls of pipes, leave stains on your fixtures and result in hard–to–remove scale on tiles and fixtures.

These are all issues that your water treatment system is designed to alleviate, so if they start to appear, the system likely isn’t working properly.

The optimum way to know for sure is to have a professional inspect your system and test for high levels of contaminants that shouldn’t be there.

Repairing Water Treatment System Issues in Denver

If your water treatment system isn’t working properly and you call for repairs, we will visit your home and perform thorough diagnostics.

This starts by testing your water for mineral levels, pH, chemicals and other contaminants.

If levels come back high for any of these, we will inspect that component of the system. In some cases, a bad filter or cartridge can be replaced to resolve the problem. In other cases, we may need to replace large parts of the water treatment system.

We will always consult with you before making any repairs to discuss your options and the budget related to your choices.

If you are concerned about your Denver homes water treatment system, we offer comprehensive repair services for homeowners throughout the region.

Call our team of plumbers to learn more about the services we offer and ensure you have everything you need to keep enjoying clean, healthy drinking water for years to come.

Keep in mind that we can also help you choose a new water treatment system, should your old one be beyond repair.

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